Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College (/'da:rtm@th/; DART-m@th) is a privately owned Ivy League research university in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States. The college was established in 1769 by Eleazar Wheelock. It's the ninth-oldest college for higher learning within the United States and one of the nine colleges established by colonial authorities prior to the American Revolution. Although it was founded to train Native Americans in Christian theology and the English manner of living, Dartmouth primarily trained Congregationalist ministers in its early years before becoming secularized in the process. It emerged at the beginning into the second half of the 20th century an obscure position to national prominence.

In accordance with a liberal arts program that is taught by the university, it offers the undergraduate curriculum in 40 departments of academics as well as interdisciplinary programs, which include 57 humanities majors sciences, social sciences, engineering and natural sciences and permits students to develop specialized areas of study or participate in dual degree programs. Dartmouth is comprised of five different schools that include the first undergraduate college as well as The Geisel School of Medicine, the Thayer School of Engineering and the Tuck School of Business, and the Guarini School of Advanced and Graduate Studies. The school additionally has affiliations with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and Social Sciences and the Hopkins Center for the Arts. With a student body of 6.600 people, Dartmouth is the minor university within the Ivy League. Admissions to undergraduate programs are highly selective, with an acceptance rate of 6.17 percent for the class of 2025.

Dartmouth College Rankings

  • #191 in the QS World Rankings 2022

  • 99 World University Rankings 2022

  • #13 US College Rankings 2022

  • #13 in National Universities by US News 2022

  • # 2 of the Best Colleges for Veterans by US News 2022

  • #5 in the Best Undergraduate Teaching, according to US News 2022

Dartmouth College Campus & Accommodations

Dartmouth College campus operates on 81 administrative and academic buildings, 38 athletic facilities, 5 art spaces, 4 major dining areas with two cafes, eleven libraries, 87 undergraduate and four graduate residences (including offices) and 76 parking spaces and 59 common spaces for public events. International students who plan to pursue their studies at Dartmouth College, here is what your experience on campus will be such as:

  • More than 160 clubs and organizations run and assisted by UG students can choose from. The student clubs and organizations include everything from sports to politics.

  • To ensure a lively student experience, Dartmouth College offers 35 intercollegiate varsity sports, out of which 18 are for women and 16 men, and one coed on the NCAA Division I level. There are 35 clubs that are offered on campus at Dartmouth College. In Dartmouth College, three-quarters of undergraduates are involved in some type of intramural and athletics.

  • DOC, known as Dartmouth Outing Club, is a group of students who sponsor recreation and outdoor stewardship.

  • Each college's school or department is home to its own groups that can be chosen by students who wish to connect and develop within a particular field.

Dartmouth College Accommodations

Housing in Dartmouth are divided as graduate and undergraduate housing, which provides on and off-campus housing for students and undergraduates. About 90% of undergraduates reside within Dartmouth housing.Furthermore, more than 50% of Tuck School of Business first-year students live on campus in residence halls.It's also reported that the majority of students reside on campus in residence halls, and the remaining 15% live in off-campus college apartments or rental properties in the local area.

Six residence halls are availably available to undergraduate students. They have options for single rooms and one-room doubles as well as two and three-room doubles, three-room and two-room triples, as well as suite-style living, quads, and apartments with three or four bedrooms that have common areas.

Apart from the residence halls, Dartmouth provides three additional accommodation options for students of the upper class. In the McLaughlin Cluster communities, each floor features a bathroom that is only used for one purpose and kitchens, lounges and living rooms, and study areas.

Dartmouth College Life on campus

Learning and living. At Dartmouth, you'll be part of a community anchored by the campus. If you're in the residence halls or residences for graduate students on campus, you'll be close to faculty and friends.

Dartmouth College Sports facilities

Dartmouth provides 34 intercollegiate Varsity activities (16 ladies', 16 males and 2 co-ed) on levels that are at the NCAA Division I level, two dozen intramural sports as well as a plethora of clubs. The majority of Dartmouth undergraduates take part in sports of some kind.

Dartmouth College Education

Dartmouth's education is different from others. Through individual-to-person instruction as well as opportunities to build and implement the knowledge on campus as well as around the globe, Dartmouth instills a love of learning in its students and prepares them to be leaders for the rest of their lives.

Dartmouth College Research

Dartmouth is home to more than 50 research-oriented centers, institutes, and research groups spanning arts and medicine in engineering, business, and more. Many of them are inter-disciplinary and connect students and faculty across campus to collaborate on complicated issues.

Dartmouth College Career

Develop your skills on a leave term by connecting with others and making an impact with a Dartmouth Center for Social Impact internship.

Dartmouth College Scholarships

Around 48% of undergraduates get funding from Dartmouth. Students who qualify as international students or permanent non-citizens may fill out a FAFSA to request federal aid for Dartmouth College. International students must complete their CSS profile form to be eligible for aid. Students are also required to fill out additional documents like a non-custodial profile waiver application form, business farm supplements and non-filing statements for parents.

  • Percentage of recipients of financial aid 52 percent

  • The Percentage Pell Eligible Percentage of Pell Eligible: 15 15%

  • The rate of households with low incomes is 18 percent

  • A portion of the average Need-Based Grant of 55,572 USD

Dartmouth College Services for housing

About 90 percent of students reside in Dartmouth housing, which includes residence halls, approved co-ed fraternity, sorority, fraternity houses, and undergraduate affinity houses and societies.

Dartmouth College Library services

In the university's center, Baker-Berry Library houses the social and humanities collections, including classrooms, study spaces, social spaces, various academic centers, a letterpress studio, and much more.

Dartmouth College Medical services

Health care and services to all Dartmouth students including mental health care and counseling.

Dartmouth College Placements

Through the Center for Professional Development, Dartmouth College organizes internships and jobs in US for students. It organizes Employer Connections Fair between students and over 50 different organizations from various career fields.

Top employers for Tuck School of Business include Accenture, Adobe System, Amazon, American Express, American Tower Corporation, Samsung, The Vanguard Group, TripAdvisor, Uber, Walmart Global eCommerce, Wayfair, etc. According to PayScale, the average annual salary of a Dartmouth College graduate is 85,000 USD. Some of the highest paying degrees from Dartmouth are:

Degree Average Salary (INR)
MBA 96.98 lakhs
Bachelor of Arts 9.31 lakhs
Masters in Management 7.25 lakhs
Master (other) 65.67 lakhs
Bachelor of science 62.61 lakhs

Frequently asked questions

What is Dartmouth College famous for ?
What is Dartmouth's claim to fame? Dartmouth is noted for its challenging academics, Ivy League prestige, and small class sizes on the one hand. The college, on the other hand, is known for its Greek life (which inspired the film Animal House), rural environment, and outdoorsy spirit.
What GPA do you need for Dartmouth ?
Why is Dartmouth College not a university ?
Dartmouth University was a defunct New Hampshire university that operated from 1817 to 1819. It was the outcome of the state legislature's failed attempt to transform Dartmouth Institution, a private college, into a public university.
What is Dartmouth acceptance rate ?
What kind of students does Dartmouth want ?
Dartmouth is looking for students who are willing to take risks and contribute to campus life, as proven by the fact that many Dartmouth freshmen form clubs and groups on campus that are relevant to their interests and hobbies.
How much a graduate earns after completing MBA at Dartmouth College ?
A graduate of Dartmouth College with an MBA receives an average pay package of 127,000 USD. At college, the highest-paying package is 96.98 lakhs.
What are some top scholarships at Dartmouth College ?

Some top scholarships at Dartmouth College are:

  • Dartmouth Scholarships: These are need-based scholarships and they are in the range of 1,000 USD to 50,000 USD depending on the applicant's eligibility.
  • Dartmouth Endowed Scholarships: With varying amounts, these scholarships are 750 in number each year and students can be a recipient of one or more of them.
  • Hannah Croasdale Award: This is an annual award for graduating Ph.D. students in the Guarini School of graduate and advanced studies.
  • Tuck Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to Tuck school of business and they range from 10,000 USD to full tuition with the average being 26,415 USD.
Does Dartmouth College have varying application fees ?
Dartmouth College charges an application fee of 80 dollars for undergraduate programmes and a variety of fees for graduate programmes.
What is the average cost to study at Dartmouth College ?
The average cost of attending Dartmouth College is 55 lakhs, which includes 45.01 lakhs in tuition and 8.01 lakhs in living expenses.
Which are the Top Programs in Case Dartmouth College ?
Programs Fees Per Annum (INR)
MBA 59.19 lakhs
Masters in Engineering Management 45.01 lakhs
B.Tech 45.01 lakhs
M.Tech 45.01 lakhs
BBA 45.01 lakhs
M.Sc Computer Science 45.01 lakhs
M.Sc Healthcare Research 58.31 lakhs
M.A Comparative Literature 45.01 lakhs
B.A Computer Science 45.01 lakhs
B.Sc Neuroscience 45.01 lakhs
B.A Film and Media Studies 45.01 lakhs
What is the History of Dartmouth College ?
The Rev. Eleazar Wheelock created Dartmouth in 1769 for "the education and teaching of the Youth of the Indian Tribes in this Land... as well as of English Youth and any others." Dartmouth became coeducational in 1972 and was designated one among the world's "most lasting institutions" by the consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton in 2004.
How is medical service at Dartmouth College ?
All Dartmouth students have access to health services and care, including mental health and counselling.
How is Housing Service at Dartmouth College ?
Dartmouth housing, which includes resident halls, authorised co-ed, fraternity, or sorority homes, and undergraduate club and affinity houses, accommodates over 90% of undergraduates.