Create a Special Occasion Speech in 2021

The act of delivering an address before an audience can be quite difficult. But, if you are hosting a special event it is possible for people to be expecting you to deliver an address. You might also be required to write a special speech by your teacher as part of your education. You will be given the option of creating an appropriate speech for a special occasion during your life.

This is why we've prepared an entire guide on how to write the perfect speech for special occasions of any kind and level. Get familiar with the fundamentals of your speech's forms topics, examples of the speech and then look through the inspirational examples that will provide you with a huge amount of motivation. Be positive and prepare to deliver a memorable speech for your special event!

Speeches for special occasions are thrilling and fun, but the writing process for speeches may be a challenge. When writing speeches for any occasion, it is important to be aware of the specific significance of the event since speeches are designed to serve the purpose of the occasion.

In contrast to the other speeches you've prepared to date the special occasion speech, are, as the name implies are crafted around an event such as graduation and weddings, farewells and award ceremony, welcoming speech, etc. If you're looking to deliver an impressive speech at an upcoming event or have been asked to write a speech for your class, you will get all the necessary information on the subject here.

What is a Special Occasion Speech?

Generally speaking, the speech for special occasions is very easy. The speech is usually given at particular occasions or events. Before you begin to work on the speech it is essential to know the event. It could be a college or school event such as a wedding, birthday celebration or graduation and retirement, anniversary and so on.

In general speeches for special occasions are less lengthy than, say informative speeches. If they are given, the speech should not last more than 5-10 minutes and remain completely clear and concise. The event may be so dramatic that the speech can be extremely emotional, and trigger a powerful reaction from the audience. The use of pathos in these kinds of speeches is very justified because the primary purpose of the speaker is to make the audience feel content or reflective based on the theme of the event.

Sometimes, a special occasion speech is a way to convey a message. Wedding speeches can be given to tell romantic tales about the groom and bride. As you can see, the style of each ceremony is specific and must be considered separately with respect to the event that is coming up.

To help you choose the best outline and the tone of your upcoming special event speech, go through the list of questions you'll have to answer prior to beginning work on your project.

Special Occasion Speech Outline

When you are preparing a special event speech, you must organize the speech around an appropriate outline to ensure maximum impact. The outline of a speech for special occasions could also differ slightly depending on the kind of special event speech. However, the structure remains much or identical. The outline for the special occasion speech comprises the following components:


Based on the event, it is important to structure the opening of your speech to convey the subject for the listeners. The introduction for the wedding toast is definitely likely to differ from those delivered on a day of farewell. In all speeches, there must be an opening line at the start in the intro. A few background information about the subject (i.e. the event) as well as the primary argument that is the reason of the speech.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs in the speech should cover a variety of points that are in support of your main theme in the text. Based upon the duration and content of your speech, you must decide on the number of paragraphs that you'd like to incorporate into the speech. Three paragraphs is ideal for the body part that makes up the text. It is also important to introduce new ideas in each paragraph rather than overlaid points from various paragraphs.


The conclusion of the essay should be as effective as the introduction. It must examine how the ideas included in the body section support the thesis that was mentioned in the intro. It is advised not to introduce any new idea in the closing sentence of the essay. The conclusion paragraph should summarize the essential elements discussed in the body section and end on a high note by speaking to the audience or perhaps the most important person at the time.

If you're planning to write a special speech, it's best to first sketch out the outline. This will assist you in organizing the entire content more efficiently.

Types of Special Occasion Speeches

The mood of a special occasion speech is directly related to the occasion it's committed to. There could be many different occasions to consider that we'll only consider the most popular ones to provide you with an understanding of how to craft an event-specific speech and make it a success. Every kind of speech comes with specific rules and guidelines that must be followed when you wish to communicate a clear communication to an audience.

Ceremonial Speeches

This kind of speech is typically delivered during ceremonies and is subject to the appropriate etiquette rules and all formalities to be followed. They are, in turn, ceremonies are divided into introductions, presentations, dedications, toasts and acceptances, farewells and speeches of eulogies and roasts.

Inspirational Speeches

If you've been asked to give an inspiring speech, your primary goal is to excite and inspire your audience. Most speeches are of a convincing nature, and you will need to share your personal story and facts, figures and concepts with your audience in order to convince them of your viewpoint and begin acting. However, it is a special occasion speech that isn't too difficult and yet emotion-driven enough to motivate your audience and allow them to believe in you.

Speech to Present an Award

An award presentation requires an award presentation, in the speech, a speaker will present the recipient the award, or a prize. The main purpose of this speech is to pay tribute to the recipient and highlight his accomplishments in connection with the award. While speeches that are presented to recipients may differ in both length and substance however, they should all contain some key components. The person who is presenting the award must not just emphasize the accomplishments of the person receiving the award, but also highlight the reason and significance behind the award given (O'Hair and Stewart 1999). Another aspect of the speech is personalizing the speech in order to make the award and the event more meaningful for the person who receives the award as well as the viewers.

Acceptance Speech

The award ceremony is typically followed by an acceptance speech that the awardee delivers following the moment of receiving the award. The speech is the opportunity to express appreciation for the award, as in addition to showing humility and dignity (O'Hair & Stewart, 1999). A speech like this should be planned ahead of time should it be it is possible. While preparing the person who will be receiving the speech will have a rough idea of whom to thank. This must not be overlooked at the occasion.

Keynote Address

Keynote addresses are the speech that outlines the primary or the common concept of a convention conference, or another large gathering. Conventions, expositions or conventions are typically arranged around a single idea and the keynote address is what sums up the primary message that is centered around the subject. For example, the organizers of a conference that has an overall theme of "Looking Forward--Looking Back" might wish for that the speaker who opens the event highlight the past of the organization as well as recount the achievements of the past and predict the future direction of the business and then invite the attendees to join in the new goal and vision. Similar to this example format, the majority of keynote speeches have basic elements.

After Dinner Speech

The speech after dinner is a distinct type of celebration speech. A speech after dinner has its main purpose to entertain, but also inform the audience of specific topics. This dual-purpose can make the speech after dinner difficult however with the right skills and practice, it can be a well-received speech can be delivered. Mark Twain made this type of speech very popular during his time and was a frequent speaker at numerous dinner parties. The dinners were long and were followed by hours of hilarious speeches (Patout 1978). These events are still held today and are usually planned prior to, during, or following the time of a civic or professional meeting (O'Hair and co. 2001) where food might be served.

Speech of Commencement:

A commencement speech is like a keynote speech which is delivered to mark the commencement ceremony at a school. These speeches are usually celebration-oriented and mark an important moment for the graduates. It is suggested to create speeches that are stimulating, entertaining and concise. Like the keynote speech the commencement speech must be delivered by someone who is well-known within the local community.

Speech of farewell:

Farewell speeches are usually given when a speaker is leaving a job or location. Although it is more popular for professionals but students can give a farewell speech the final day of college or school. These speeches typically reflect the memory of the speaker's time at the venue or event. It is the decision of the speaker to decide if he/she would like to disclose the reason of his departure within the message. But, the speaker must ensure that sensitive or private information is infringed upon.

Good Special Occasion Speech Topics for College Students

If you're unable to come up with any ideas for a special occasion speech then you can take a look at the various types of speeches for special occasions we have discussed. It is essential to identify yourself with a specific event and imagine yourself as an individual speaker. If you are able to do this you can make use of the tips above to create a great speech for special occasions on a variety of areas.

There are a variety of special occasion speeches you might encounter throughout your life. If you're looking to make a speech to your class, you could select one of the speeches listed above to impress your teacher.

Here are some suggestions for your speeches on special occasions:

  1. A toast to the wedding ceremony of a cousin
  2. An address to receive an award for sports.
  3. A hilarious roast at a birthday celebration of a friend.
  4. A speech to accept an award from the state government.
  5. A speech to commemorate the independence day of your local community
  6. An emcee's speech for the school's annual prize-giving ceremony.
  7. A farewell message on the last day of school
  8. A speech at the graduation day

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