Cheapest Universities for MBA in the UK | United Kingdom

Cheapest Universities for MBA in the UK

The United Kingdom, without a doubt, is among the top countries to study in and boasts an internationally recognized education system. It is a dream for every student. The destination with several top universities. The UK is definitely an oasis of fresh air for all students from around the world who work to the max in hopes of gaining admission to the top universities.

A majority of students who wish to study abroad opt for the United Kingdom as their preferred option, and they are right to do so. The standards of education in the UK are among the highest. The universities there have been dominating the rankings of the world since the time one can remember. There are many institutions that are pioneers in other universities around the world. In my opinion, the UK is among the ideal places to study and to gain exposure and job opportunities.

One of the courses that hold immense worth is the MBA. Master of Business Administration is certainly among the top desirable and sought-after courses across the globe. It's not just popular due to the career opportunities it provides, but also due to the skills, it aids individuals to grow. There is a high requirement for MBA students in the ever-growing corporate world, although the competition isn't any less. The placed point of view of where one obtained their education is crucial.

The costs of studying MBA in the UK are just as high as the benefits. The study within the UK is expensive, and when you add in all the other costs, it could be difficult to pay for the cost of an MBA there. It's definitely not an easy task and certainly not budget-friendly. But that doesn't mean one should give up the hope of a bright future because there are numerous affordable and inexpensive institutions in the UK that are not just well-known but also have excellent ratings around the world.

University of Birmingham

It is the University of Birmingham is constantly placed as one of the best MBA institutions around the world. It is renowned for its astounding 88% satisfaction rate for students and its extremely knowledgeable and cooperative faculty. It is also known for its excellent faculty. The University of Birmingham also has an excellent placement system, and the majority of students get fantastic jobs that offer excellent management positions in prestigious corporations. It was ranked 153 of 400 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

  • Course Duration: 2.5 years
  • Cost per year: INR 18,21,750

University of Ulster

Instead of MBA Instead MBA, rather than MBA, the University of Ulster provides its students with a degree known as Master of Science in Management, which is similar to MBA; however, it offers a greater understanding of the concepts as well as an approach that is more practical to the subject. There are over 24,000 students enrolled at the university. It helps them develop their abilities by helping them become more observant, analytical, and practical. They also adhere to an extremely systematic approach to approach to Management which makes their students beneficial for the business that hires them.

  • Course Duration - 1 Year
  • The cost per year is INR 12,10 and 150.

The Open University

The Open University offers a part-time MBA program for students. Students can choose their own subject matter, and the majority of the weight is allocated to the final projects, which comprise 75 percent of the marks. This Open University focuses on making students proficient as managers and developing skills such as the ability to analyze, observe, and so on. It is ideal for people who would like to learn and study together to enhance their worth in the labor market.

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • Cost per year: INR 2,52,400

Leeds Beckett University

One of the most prestigious Universities in the UK, Leeds Beckett University, is renowned for its many programs, with one being an MBA. The school is highly regarded worldwide, and its business school focuses on the growth of students as global leaders and citizens. The University of Wales can be found in numerous areas of Management, and students are able to choose any of them according to their preference. Leeds Beckett, throughout the years, has produced outstanding managers who have gone on to become a valuable success for their organizations.

  • Course Duration 1. 1.5 years
  • The cost per year is INR 9,72,600

University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

In Wales, The MBA course is specifically designed for students looking to pursue jobs abroad. The program introduces students to diverse cultures and management techniques in various areas from around the world and helps students to become competent professionals who can work wherever and adapt to different cultures easily and efficiently. The school is also highly rated and has excellent opportunities for placements.

  • Course Duration: 1-2 years
  • Cost per year: INR 11,14,700

University Campus Suffolk

Unique and extremely beneficial cooperation between the University of Essex and the University of East Anglia, University Campus Suffolk today runs one of the most prestigious MBA courses in the UK. Their program is focused on the practical side of Management rather than the theoretical. It not only provides excellent education and value for experience but also comes with a dual benefit since students earn the degree of MBA and a CMI diploma at level 7. It has around 12 MBA programs that students can choose from.

  • Course Duration: 1 year
  • Cost per year: INR 13,77,200

Institute of Education University of London

Institute of the Education University of London was ranked number 1 in QS World Ranking for its quality of education and academics. The MBA program offers a fantastic opportunity for students to develop and develop new skills and be prepared to dominate the world market by demonstrating their managerial expertise. The MBA course offered by this university is highly regarded and focuses much on the practical and also theoretical aspects.

  • Course Duration - 2 Years
  • Cost per year: INR 15,57,007

University of Bedfordshire

It is the University of Bedfordshire is another highly ranked university that offers a world-class MBA course that will make students knowledgeable about the theory of Management and the practical side of it. Their students are regarded to be among the top because they are taught and trained by a team of highly skilled instructors.

  • Course Duration - 2 Years
  • Cost per year: INR 9,57,500

Ravensbourne University

It is located in London's city, London located in London, and it is one of the most prestigious places to study Management. It is ranked at 150 in the QS World Ranking and is continually improving in order to provide students with the best training and experience. There are many options to choose from, and students have the full liberty to explore their talents to the maximum within this institution.

  • Course Duration - 2 Years
  • The cost per year is INR 9,97,000.

University of Sunderland

Another of the gems of the UK with regards to MBA programs is The University of Sunderland offers some of the most excellent MBA courses across a range of fields for students. There are many lectures and project work that students participate in to improve their abilities and be prepared to tackle any job as an administrator.

  • Course Duration - 2 Years
  • Cost per year: INR 9,50,750

MBA is certainly an expensive course, but it also has excellent returns. The UK has a number of universities offering this degree at a very low cost but offering high-quality training and a certain position on the market.


Frequently asked questions

Is MBA cheap in UK ?

If you are attending a cheap MBA institution in the UK, one-year MBAs will typically cost between £10 and £15,000 (INR 10-15 lakh).

Which university has lowest fee in UK ?
  1. University of Bucks
  2. University of Leeds Beckett
  3. University of Bedfordshire
  4. University of Royal Agricultural
How much does an MBA in UK cost ?

In the UK, the first year of an MBA programme typically costs INR 21.01 lakhs. In the UK, the annual average cost of living is roughly INR 6.03 lakhs.

Which MBA course is best UK ?

Business school in London. The top MBA programme in the UK is offered by the postgraduate-only London Business School. Its extremely customizable programme, which lasts 15 to 21 months, is meant to provide you the skills and contacts necessary to be successful in business today.

Can we get job after MBA in UK ?

You are exempt from the Resident Labour Market Test if you complete a full-time MBA. You must, however, apply for a Tier 2 work visa. Additionally, you must work for a licenced sponsor.

Which is the cheapest university in UK for MBA ?

Cheapest MBA programmes in the UK

  • College of Bolton.
  • York St. John College
  • University of London Metropolitan.
  • Bath Spa College.
  • Gloucestershire University.
Which MBA is in demand in UK ?

One of the most popular MBA concentrations is the MBA in Marketing. One of the most in-demand MBA programmes today offers excellent income.

Which UK University is cheapest for international students ?

International Students' Cheapest Universities in the UK

  • Western University of London
  • University of Leeds Becket
  • Teeside College
  • Glyndwr University in Wrexham
  • University of Bedfordshire
Is MBA in high demand in UK ?
Universities that offer top-notch instruction, training, and employment prospects are recognised in the United Kingdom. The demand for MBA graduates from prestigious business schools in the UK is tremendous.
How can I get free MBA in UK ?
  • Scholarship for Inlaks.
  • Scholarship for Felix.
  • the Chevening Scholarships.
  • Commonwealth Masters Fellowships.
  • The awards for global studies.
Is MBA tough in UK ?

One of the most prestigious and sought-after programmes in the world, the MBA in the UK is a favourite study location for many international students.

Can I do MBA at low fees in UKIs MBA difficult in UK ?

The University of Worcester offers the UK's most cheap MBA programme.

Is MBA in UK Expensive ?

Top UK business schools accept GMAT scores between 600 and 780, with a well-balanced 700 being the average requirement for admission.

What are the requirements for MBA in UK ?

MBA programmes in the UK last 12 to 21 months and range in price from 27,500 to 87,900 GBP (approx 29 Lakhs to 81 Lakhs INR). There are over 130 business schools offering MBA programmes in the UK, with a range of specialties available, including finance, marketing, supply chain management, international business, etc.

the criteria for enrolling in a UK MBA programme

  • a minimum of three years of full-time employment.
  • an undergraduate degree or its equivalent.
  • GMAT
  • IELTS score between 6.0 and 6.5.