Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is a private research university in Cleveland, Ohio. Case Western Reserve was established in 1967, when Western Reserve University, founded in 1826 and named for its location in the Connecticut Western Reserve, and Case Institute of Technology, founded in 1880 through the endowment of Leonard Case, Jr., formally federated. Case Western Reserve joined the Association of American Universities in 1969.

Case Western Reserve undergraduate and graduate schools include the College of Arts and Sciences, Case School of Engineering, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Medical School, Weatherhead School of Management, Case School of Dental Medicine, School of Law, and Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. Its main campus is approximately 5 miles (8 km) east of Downtown Cleveland in the neighborhood known as University Circle, an area containing many educational, medical, and cultural institutions. Case Western Reserve has a number of programs taught in conjunction with other University Circle institutions, including the Cleveland Clinic, the University Hospitals of Cleveland, the Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, Cleveland Institute of Music, the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and the Cleveland Play House. Severance Hall, home of the Cleveland Orchestra, is on the Case Western Reserve campus.

Case Western Reserve University Ranking

  • #161 in QS Top University Rankings 2022

  • #42 in National Universities (tie) by US News 2022

  • #48 in Best Undergraduate Teaching (tie) by US News 2022

  • #50 in Best Value Schools by US News 2022

  • #70 in Most Innovative Schools by US News 2022

  • #126 World University Rankings THE 2022

  • #51 US College Rankings THE 2022

Case Western Reserve University History

Western Reserve College was founded in 1826 in Hudson, Ohio, about 30 miles southeast of Cleveland. The college—the first in northern Ohio—took its name from the surrounding region (known at that time as the Western Reserve of Connecticut) and emphasized standards, such as the classics, in its curriculum.

Case Western Reserve University Campus

  • The school is located at 10900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, in Ohio which is a city ranked as one of the most livable cities in the United States, especially for young professionals. Students of Case Western Reserve University gain a lot from the environment in terms of low cost of living in US.

  • University Circle houses more than 50 cultural, arts, educational, health, and human service institutions on its architecturally designed 550 park-like acres prominent among them are Museum of Art, Contemporary Art, and Natural History, Botanical Gardens, and Cleveland Orchestra.

  • In order to make the experience at CWRU memorable, Student Leadership on-campus upholds and organizes the school age-long campus traditions such as Spartan Spirit, Senior and Legacy Week, Springfest, Thwing Study Over, Homecoming, etc.

  • Events such as SpartansLEAD, StrengthsQuest, Emerging Leaders Program, SLAC Awards, and Fall Leadership Conference are organized by the student government to build capacity and develop students' leadership prowess.

  • International events are like Asian Mid-Autumn Festival, Cleveland Bucket List, Etiquette Dinner, Global Talk Series, Holi, International Achievements Luncheon, International Education Week, International Students Success Series, Lunar New Year, and Study Abroad Fair are organized

Case Western Reserve University Residence

  • More than 90% of undergraduate students live on campus.

  • Living on campus helps students have easy access to academic support, ease of participation in campus activities, events and residence hall programs.

  • On-campus housing in Case includes 12 freshmen buildings, eight second-year buildings, nine upper-class buildings, and 18 Greek Life Houses.

  • All first-year and second-year unmarried students are required to live on-campus for the first two years except they are living with their parents in a location not more than 40 miles from the campus. After this requirement is met, students can opt for off-campus accommodation options.

  • There is no on-campus residence for graduate students, however, they can apply for residence for apartment buildings near the campus through the office of Real Estate or apply for a residency at the cooperative housing or may decide to live off-campus.

  • Students qualified to live off-campus are advised to join the Office of Real Estate mailing list at to be notified when an off-campus housing is available.

  • The on-campus residency has amenities like vending machines, Wi-Fi Internet, cable, water/sewer, electricity, and trash included, University Card-restricted building access, fitness center, study areas/lobby, FREE on-site laundry facility, campus parking garage on-site, etc.

Case Western Reserve University Research

Along with teaching, research is at the heart of our work at Case Western Reserve University. From medicine to management, music to mathematics, our faculty, staff and students inquire, explore, study and discover. We are driven to expand knowledge, deepen understanding and contribute to the well-being of individuals, organizations and society at large.

As a student, faculty or staff member at Case Western Reserve, you can conduct research at an institution with a strong history of innovation, a current commitment to breaking new ground and an exciting future in which we will translate ideas to reality.

Case Western Reserve University Student services

Case Western Reserve University’s Division of Student Affairs is here to help you find what you need as a student, from coursework assistance to crisis support. But we also want to ensure you flourish during your time here, through service opportunities in our community, leadership opportunities, resources for health, wellness and personal identity, and so much more.

Case Western Reserve University Housing services

The Office of University Housing oversees 12 first year buildings, 8 second year buildings, 9 upperclass buildings, and 18 Greek Life Houses. Our Office also collaborates with the Triangle Towers and the Office of Real Estate to provide living opportunities in local apartment buildings. These spaces have different room layouts, floor plans, and amenities depending on the location and class experience. Whether you are an incoming freshman looking for your first room or a senior exploring your apartment options we hope these facilities pages are helpful in finding the right space for you.

Case Western Reserve University Library services

As one of the nation’s top research universities, Case Western Reserve is committed to investigating new areas, questioning long-held beliefs and finding answers. Our network of libraries helps our students, faculty and staff conduct cutting-edge research—whether it’s using state-of-the-art technology or an expansive collection of books.

Case Western Reserve University Medical services

University Health Service provides a range of services including primary care, women's health, allergy injections, travel care and nutrition. If you are a student enrolled in at least one credit hour, there is no cost to see a provider, regardless of what health insurance you have.

Case Western Reserve University Campus life

At Case Western Reserve University, you're part of a community—of students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, friends and an entire city. From varsity athletics to world-class museums, student organizations to prestigious events, life at one of America's best colleges fosters an uncomparable level of learning, exploration and discovery.

Case Western Reserve University Sports facilities

With 17 NCAA Division III varsity athletics teams and an even greater number of intramural and club sports, there's a way for almost everyone to get in on the action. Not the competitive type? We also have three gyms on campus to help keep you healthy and well.

Case Western Reserve University Programs

  • Case Western Reserve University offers a Bachelor in Arts degree in more than 40 fields, Bachelor of Science degree in 12 major fields, and a bachelor of music jointly offered with the Cleveland Institute of Music.

  • The school also offer over 53 master’s program, 51 doctorate degrees, 16 integrated programs, Biomedical Sciences Training Program (BSTP), Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP),

  • Case programs are spread across professional fields such as Arts, Science, Engineering, Biomedical Science, Nursing, Management, and Applied Social Science.

  • Some of the master’s programs like Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems and control engineering, Master of Engineering (A practice-oriented degree), and Medical Physiology offered in the school are available online.

  • The institution also offers a dual undergraduate degree in which a student may double major in more than one Arts and Sciences majors for the BA, or more than two Engineering majors for the BS in Engineering degree, or more than two Management majors for the BS in Management degree.

Top Programs in Case Western Reserve University

Programs Fees Per Annum
M.B.A $42,450
M.Sc Nursing $49,581
M.Sc Biostatistics $56,460
M.Eng Civil Engineering $42,290
Master of Accountancy $38,400

Frequently asked questions

Is Case Western Reserve a good university ?
Overall, CWRU "does a fantastic job of generating students who are well-prepared to succeed in their chosen fields, particularly engineering, medicine, and business." "The university "provides excellent scholarship options as well as excellent research chances.
What is special about Case Western Reserve University ?
We are a community of innovators, knowledge seekers, and trailblazers at Case Western Reserve University. We provide many possibilities for you to thrive as a renowned national research institution located in the nation's #1 arts district and within walking distance of three major hospitals.
Is Case Western Reserve University hard to get into ?
How difficult is it to get into Case Western Reserve University
What GPA do you need for Case Western Reserve ?
Case Western Reserve University is a very selective school. The admissions rate at Case Western Reserve is 30%. This signifies that the university accepts 30 candidates out of every 100.
Can I apply to more than one program at Case Western Reserve University ?
What is the minimum Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Score ?
Absolutely! You can apply to as many programmes as you like, but you must complete each application and pay a $50 application fee for each one (if applicable). For each programme to which you apply, you will get a different admission decision letter.
How long is the score valid ?
This well-known graduate admissions test has no minimum score requirements. Each applicant's qualifications will be assessed independently by the departments. The GRE scores are valid for five years after the exam date.
What is the minimum grade point average (GPA) ?
Applicants must have a B average or be in the top third of their graduating class at a school where their status and programmes can be easily evaluated.
Where do I send my documents at Case Western Reserve University ?
You can upload any papers, including your CV/Resume, Personal Statement, unofficial test score results, and unofficial transcripts, to the application. Unless you are approved and plan to attend CWRU, you are not need to provide official test scores. The school code 1105 can be used to submit test results to CWRU.
Do I have to send official transcripts with my applicationat Case Western Reserve University ?
"During the application procedure, official transcripts are not required. On the Academic History page of the application, you can submit unauthorised copies of your transcripts. These are not official transcripts, but they will be utilised by the programmes to examine your application.Official transcripts with degree certification (if applicable) from each institution specified on the application must be sent to the School of Graduate Studies only if you have been formally admitted to the University and intend to enrol. The School of Graduate Studies will subsequently be the owner of these official copies."
What is The History of Case Western Reserve University ?
Western Reserve College, located in Hudson, Ohio, roughly 30 miles southeast of Cleveland, was founded in 1826. The institution, which was the first in northern Ohio, drew its name from the neighbouring region (then known as the Western Reserve of Connecticut) and stressed standards in its curriculum, such as the classics.
How is Library Service at Case Western Reserve University ?
Case Western Reserve University is dedicated to studying new areas, challenging long-held views, and discovering solutions as one of the nation's top research universities. Our libraries assist our students, teachers, and staff in doing cutting-edge research, whether via the use of cutting-edge technology or a large collection of books.
How is Medical Service at Case Western Reserve University ?
Primary care, women's health, allergy injections, travel care, and nutrition are among the services provided by the University Health Service. There is no charge to see a physician if you are a student enrolled in at least one credit hour, regardless of your health insurance coverage.
Which are the Top Programs in Case Western Reserve University ?
Programs Fees Per Annum
M.B.A $42,450
M.Sc Nursing $49,581
M.Sc Biostatistics $56,460
M.Eng Civil Engineering $42,290
Master of Accountancy $38,400