Cairo University

Cairo University also known by King Fuad I University (1908-1940) and Fu'ad al-Awwal University (1940-1952), is Egypt's top public University. It is located in Giza, just across the Nile from Cairo. Although it was established in December 1908, the faculty, which began with the Faculty of Arts in Cairo, moved to its present campus in Giza in 1929. It is Egypt's second-oldest institution of higher education, after Al Azhar University. This includes the higher professional schools that were later made constituent colleges. It was established in 1908 as the Egyptian University and was funded by a committee consisting of private citizens. In 1925, it became a state institution under King Fuad I. The University was renamed King Fuad I University four years after his death. After the 1952 revolution in Egypt, it was renamed again. The University has approximately 155,000 students across 20 faculties and three institutions. It is home to three Nobel Laureates and ranks among the 50 largest higher education institutions in the world.

Ranking of Cairo University

  • Academic Ranking of World Universities: #401 for 2021

  • QS World University Rankings: #571 for 2022

  • World University Rankings: #601 for 2022

  • Rankings of the Best Global Universities: #427 in 2021

Cairo University History

Famous Egyptian philosophers and thinkers had dreamed of the emergence of CU in Egypt in 1908. Social thinkers have long called for the establishment of a university in Egypt that would be a beacon of liberal thought and lay the foundation for a complete academic revival in all knowledge fields.

Cairo University Campus Life

University is more than just a place to study. It is also a place where students can unleash their potential in the arts, cultural, artistic, athletic and Gawala areas. Cairo University aims at developing students' characters, enriching their characters, and enlightening them with the nature of society and the role of culture in the process of development whether motherland-development, self-development, abilities-development, as well as spreading cultural, literary, and artistic awareness.

Cairo University Sports Facilities

The Sports Village offers:

  • Ten tennis courts

  • Two bowling centers

  • Four squash courts

  • There are two courts for basketball and volleyball

  • Two small basketball courts.

  • One Olympic swimming pool

  • One standard football pitch

  • Two small football courts

  • Indoor athletics is offered in one gymnasium

  • One boxing ring

Cairo University Medical Services

Cairo University's hospitals, which are both medical and educational hospitals, are among the most prestigious in Egypt and the Middle East. It is the Arab region's most important medical center. The world has access to the best doctors, thanks to Cairo University's hospitals. Cairo University has a number of medical and educational hospitals that cover all areas of medicine.

Cairo University Library Services

In Cairo University's campus, the first central library was opened in 1932. It has been serving undergraduate and graduate students for over 75 years. Partially opened as part of the University's Centennial Celebration, 2008, was the New Central Library.

Cairo University Student Services

It can be difficult to live and work in another country. All newcomers to Cairo can rely on the warm welcome. Cairo University collaborates with many organizations to allow newcomers to explore Cairo. You and your family will soon feel at home in Cairo.

Cairo University Research Facilities

The Public Opinion Research Center was established in 1982 to provide a consultative, scientific and training unit for the Faculty of Mass Communications at Cairo University. The center is an administratively, technically and financially independent entity. It was created in response to the Cairo Universities' efforts to revive research into public opinion. They also took an interest in people's issues and organized research efforts in a way that would be harmonious and integrated with each other in order to increase the scientific output of Cairo University.

Frequently asked questions

Is Cairo a good university ?
Ranking. Cairo University is consistently regarded as one of Egypt's best universities and one of Africa's best institutions. Cairo University was placed 2nd in Egypt and 6th in Africa in the QS rating of 2021, with a global ranking of 561-570. The university was placed first in Egypt in the ARWU 2020 list
Does Cairo University teach in English ?
Six university faculties provide English and French courses. Foreign-language programmes are marketed as prestigious pathways to high-level positions, according to administrators
How much does Cairo University cost ?
Particulars Annual FeeĀ 
Tuition Fee 6000 USD
Hostel Fee 600 USD
Residents Permit 150 USDĀ 
Total Fee In USD 6750 USD
Total Fee In INR 4,72,500 INR
How many students are at Cairo University ?
What is the meaning of Cairo ?
Cairo. noun. Egypt's capital, on the Nile: Africa's and the Middle East's biggest metropolis; industrial centre; home to Al Azhar University and Mosque (founded in 972). Population: 11 146 000 (2005 est) El Qahira is an Arabic name
What is the rank of Cairo University in the world ?
How can I go to Cairo University ?
To be admitted to Cairo University, an Indian student must have passed his 12th grade with 75 percent or above in physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as English. If a student falls into the general group, he must be under the age of 25
Does Cairo University accept international students ?
Cairo Institution is a big university with around 207,000 students enrolled at any given time. Foreign nationals are also eligible to apply to the university. At CU, international students make about 3% of the total student body. More than 14 thousand professionals make up the academic faculty
What is the Ranking of Cairo Universitty ?
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities: #401 for 2021

  • QS World University Rankings: #571 for 2022

  • World University Rankings: #601 for 2022

  • Rankings of the Best Global Universities: #427 in 2021

What is Cairo University acceptance rate ?
The admission rate ranges from 90% to 100%, making this Egyptian higher education institution the least selective. Applicants from all around the world are welcome to apply
What is the histroy of Cairo university ?
The establishment of CU in Egypt in 1908 had been a long-held goal of famous Egyptian philosophers and scholars. Social philosophers have long advocated for the formation of an Egyptian university that would serve as a beacon of liberal thinking and provide the groundwork for a thorough academic rebirth in all disciplines of knowledge
Does Cairo University teach medicine in English ?
The language of instruction is English. Bachelor's, Post-Graduate Diploma, Master's, and Doctorate degrees are awarded by the faculty