BITS Pilani

BITS Pilani is a private college which was established in 2000. The Birla Institute of Technology and Science has a single international branch campus. BITS is an accredited university in India and has marked its presence in list of one of the best colleges in India. The branch which is established in UAE, Dubai, is also regarded as an accredited university in Dubai.

QS (Quacquarelli Symonds)BRICS(Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) ranking list placed BITS Pilani among 100 best engineering universities. BITS Pilani Dubai Campus offers 12 courses in total, which include bachelor’s, Masters, Doctoral programs in technology and engineering. As an educational institutions, BITS Pilani one of the most famous campuses in Dubai International Academy City (DIAC).

BITS Pilani is a private deemed university dedicated to engineering teaching and research. The institution is one of just six institutes in the world to be designated as a "Institute of Eminence." The QS Asia Rankings 2022 identify BITS Pilani as the sole Indian private university among the top 200 universities in Asia. Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad, Dubai, and Mumbai are all home to Birla Institute of Technology. With the establishment of BITS Pilani in Dubai, the university has become the world's first Deemed University. The university offers 15 university programs in science, engineering, administration, and research over five established sites. Software Development, Automation, Women's Studies, and Desert Development Technologies are among the institute's nine centers.

BITS Pilani, like other institutions, offers a three-tier academic structure: bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees. The institution provides more than 35 courses through various degrees, including BE/BTech, BPharm, MTech, MPharm, MBA, MSc, and PhD. For admission to all these programmed, BITS Pilani has its own test. The BITSAT test for first-year programmed and the BITS HD exam for master's-level programmed are both administered by Deemed University. BITS Pilani's main degree programmed is B.Tech. The BITSAT entrance exam is used to determine admission to the programmed. BITS Pilani's cutoff for the B.Tech programmed is 245-378. The BITS Pilani B.Tech programmed costs Rs 18.98 lakh for four years.

Off-Campus Work Integrated Learning Programs are also available at BITS Pilani (WILP). The sessions are aimed at working people and organizations that want to learn more about industry practices. Because all of the courses are authorized by the University Grants Commission, the value of a BITS Pilani WILP certification is comparable to that of a standard teaching programmed. Data Science, Data Engineering, and Advanced Analytics are among the topics covered in the courses. BITS Pilani WILP provides over 30 specialties in BTech, MTech, MBA, MSc, PG Diploma, and PG Certificate programmed

The university also offers internship opportunities in over 400 companies in both Dubai and India. Also, students can expect grand opportunities for placement after graduation. Moreover, the university has long-term collaboration with research institutions which allow students to grow more and more. Students will receive many opportunities both during and after graduation.

Rankings of BITS Pilani

  1. NIRF 2021 Ranking:
    • Overall, it came in 29th place.
    • Engineering is ranked 26th.
  2. In 2022, World University Rankings placed it among the top 801-1000 universities in the world.
  3. In 2021, World University Rankings ranked it at 1001 or above.
  4. Ranking of Asian Universities in 2021. By a score of 351-400, he is ranked in the middle of the pack.
  5. 2022 QS World University Rankings Listed in the 1001-1200 rank range by
  6. QS World Rankings has him ranked in the 450-500 range (QS Subject Ranking - Business and Management).
  7. Graduate Employability Ranking 2022, according to QS. By Rank, he is ranked in the range of 251-300.
  8. According to the QS Asia World Universities 2021, it is ranked 194th.
  9. Best Technical University in India 2021, ranked 5th by The Week
  10. The Week's Top Engineering Colleges in India 2021 is ranked 7th.
  11. Today's top private engineering college rating in India is 2021.
  12. Outlook India's Top Pvt. Engineering College Rankings 2021 places us third.
  13. Outlook-ICARE MBA Ranking 2020, 10th place

Courses of BITS Pilani 

BITS Pilani provides undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and off-campus education. Engineering, technology, management, science, pharmacy, humanities, and social sciences are all included in these courses. BITS Pilani provides BE/BTech, BPharm, and other integrated programmers at the undergraduate level. At the postgraduate and doctorate levels, MTech, MBA, MSc, MPharm, and Ph.D. are available. All programmers are admitted based on the results of national and institute-level admission exams.

BITS Pilani BTech 

In the NIRF Engineering Ranking 2021, BITS Pilani BTech is rated 26th. In its B.Tech curriculum, the institute offers seven specialties. In addition, for working professionals, BITS Pilani WILP provides an off-campus B.Tech degrees in Engineering Technology and Process Engineering. The BITSAT entrance exam is used to determine admission to the normal B.Tech programmer. The merit gained by students in their final qualifying test determines admissions to the off-campus B.Tech programmer.\


BITS Pilani's Department of Management provides a two-year on-campus MBA in Business Analytics. The BAAT entrance score is used to determine admission to the BITS Pilani MBA programme. BAAT 2022 MBA Admissions for the academic year 2022-2024 will take place on April 8, 2022. BITS Pilani WILP also provides online MBA degrees in seven different disciplines. These WILP MBAs are developed specifically for working professionals, allowing them to continue their education while still working. Students are chosen for online MBA programmes based on their performance in their final qualifying exams.

BITS Pilani MTech  

BITS Pilani offers 16 specialties in two-year MTech/ME programmers. BITS Pilani MTech/ME admission is based on a BITS HD or GATE entrance score. Candidates with any legitimate exam score are eligible to apply for the programmer. For professionals and executives, the institution also provides a variety of specialized online MTech degrees. The WILP MTech programme at BITS Pilani provides roughly 15 innovative and emerging technological specialties. Admission is granted on the basis of the student's final qualifying examination results.


Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILPs) at BITS Pilani are technical continuing education programmes for working professionals and businesses. Students can participate in programmes that provide them hands-on experience in the workplace. Over the years, the show has grown in popularity. WILP now has nearly 30,000 professionals registered, up from only 30 in 1979. WILP has around 1000 academic members affiliated with it. Around a million professionals have graduated with a BITS Pilani WILP certificate or degree to date.

Workplace learning programmes are available for both working people and businesses. MTech, BTech, MBA, MSc, PG Diploma, and PG Certificate programmes are available to working professionals. The program's sessions are held online on weekends, allowing students to continue working throughout the week. Aside from that, the institution offers students tutorials, question-and-answer sessions, and industry speakers. Programs for firms focusing in IT, engineering, technology, science, and management, on the other hand. Employees of the organization benefit from the programmes' technical experience and abilities.

BITS Pilani Data Science 

Work Integrated Learning Degrees at BITS Pilani provide MTech Data Engineering and Science programmed (WILP). It is a four-semester curriculum that may be completed without taking a break from work. Mathematical formulation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, product development, and scripting languages are all covered in the curriculum, preparing students for the most profitable careers in data science, data engineering, and advanced analytics.

The program's lessons are exclusively held on weekends and are taught by BITS Pilani professors via live online sessions. In addition, simulations, online laboratories, case studies, group discussions, projects, and project work are used to give experiential learning. In addition, BITS Pilani WILP's MTech in Data Science programmed costs INR 62,750 each semester plus a one-time fee of INR 16,500.

BITS Pilani Scholarship

Newly accepted students at BITS Pilani can apply for a number of scholarships and incentives. To help its students financially, the institute offers merit and just need scholarships. The following are some of the most popular concession and scholarship packages available at BITS Pilani:

Board Toppers Scholarship: BITS Pilani awards merit scholarships of 100%, 75%, and 50% fee waivers to the top three boards topper in their respective boards. Only the first semester tuition charge is covered by the scholarship.

Qualifying on the qualifying examination: Students who score 90 percent or above on the qualifying test get a 20% merit scholarship toward their first semester tuition charge. Students who score 80 percent or above in the aggregate of the qualification test but less than 90 percent are offered a 15 percent merit scholarship toward the first semester tuition price.

Merit in BITSAT Exam: BITS Pilani awards merit scholarships of 75%, 50%, and 25% to students based on their BITSAT exam rank. Students can also get a hostel cost waiver based on their BITSAT score.

BITS Pilani Placement

BITS Pilani has begun its 2022 recruitment campaign. Until August, 329 students have received job offers. Several well-known companies, including Microsoft, Walmart, and ServiceNow, paid visits to the campus. The following are the highlights of the placement drive:

  • 71.83 percent of the students who took part in the programme were placed.
  • There were 87 employers who participated.
  • There were also 287 pre-placement offers.
  • The students were paid an average of INR 28.99 LPA.
  • CPA with the highest CTC was INR 1.33.
  • Microsoft provided the most number of pre-placement offers.

The following table shows the year-by-year placement patterns at BITS Pilani:





Highest CTC


INR 13.3 LPA


Average CTC

INR 9.18 LPA

INR 8.33 LPA

INR 9.05 LPA

Median CTC


INR 8.33 LPA

INR 7.59 LPA

Average CTC of Top 25% Students

INR 13.35 LPA

INR 10.87 LPA

INR 12.68 LPA

BITS Pilani Alumni

BITS Pilani has a large and successful alumni network. BITS Pilani alumni may now be found all across the country. He has had a tremendous effect on cooperatives, academics, resale, and business, among other areas.

Students who have by far graduated from this university have been employed by tech giants, such as Microsoft and Oracle. So, students who are planning to take admission in Dubai can consider this university as a viable option.

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Frequently asked questions

What is BITS Pilani famous for ?
BITS Pilani is renowned for its modular and flexible academic curriculum that is centered on the interplay between industry and university. The department of Mathematics was created in 1944, as a component of the at the time existing Birla Science College, which was later incorporated into BITS Pilani campus in 1964
Is IIT better than bits ?
BITS Pilani is the clear winner in the recruitment of top faculty from India and around the world. It provides a higher salary and more flexibility for its faculty. However, faculty tensions at different IITs can be a media highlight
Is it easy to get in BITS Pilani ?
The BITSAT test is generally thought to be more straightforward in comparison to JEE Main (AIEEE) as well as JEE Advanced). However, the fact is that in BITSAT you must complete 150 questions in just 180 minutes, making it a bit difficult
Who is owner of BITS Pilani ?
Birla Institute of Technology and Science was founded in 2000 as an Institute with Dr. G. D. Birla as its Founder Chairman. Recognizing a growing demand for qualified graduate students of Engineering and Sciences, BITS expanded its student population between 2500 and 4000
Which branch is best in BITS Pilani ?
  • Computer Science.
  • Civil.
  • Chemical.
  • Electrical and Electronics.
  • Electronics and Communication.
  • Electronics and Instrumentation.
  • Mechanical.
  • Manufacturing
What is the fees of BITSAT ?
According to the BITS fees structure for Pilani the candidates must pay a sum of Rs 39,800 for admission fees and Rs 1,78,000 for Semester 1 and 2. The cost for the 2nd year is 1,94,000, while for 3rd year, 2,11,500 and for the 4th year
Can I get scholarship in BITS Pilani ?
A scholarship of up to 75% may be awarded during the following semesters on a case-by-case basis, based on the student's needs and resources as well as the overall performance and discipline for the students
Which is better Vit or bits ?
In terms of VIT is concern, Vellore is best. Overall, the placements are close to 100 percent, with 4 - 6LPA as an Average, and highest at 18LPA—decent Faculty and Infrastructure. The return on investment is much better at BITS and it is rated more than VIT
Is BITS better than nit ?
If you're talking about the value you get for your money, NITs totally outstrip BITS. BITS is an independent school, While NITs are government-run colleges. If you're required to pay thousands of dollars to attend BITS, however, you can get the same thing for just a fraction of the cost with nearly the same quality at NITs
Is BIT Mesra related to BITS Pilani ?
Bit Mesra, which is located found in ranchi jharkhand is an independent college that is it is funded by the government at times. The admissions process for UH programs is handled in jee Mains
Does BITS have 100% placement ?
With the placements in the IT, Electronics and Analytics sectors being as high as in the previous year, BITS Pilani achieved 99% of the placements in its last year's figures, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and a rapid decline in the economy
How many colleges are there in Bitsat ?
BITS Pilani has four campuses with three of them in India situated in Goa, Hyderabad, and Pilani and also one of its campuses is in Dubai (United Arab Emirates Dubai - UAE). About 22,000 students attend classes across the four BITS campus in Pilani
why is the total fee structure in BITS PILANI so high comparison to the IITs ?
This is due to the fact that Bits Pilani is against caste reservations based on caste and is not funded by the government. Indian government. This is why it's somewhat more expensive
How can I get free seat in BITS Pilani ?
There aren't any seats available for students within BITS's premises. BITS premises. In order to be able to take the seats, you must be able to pass the BITSAT exam with enough marks to be get into the branch of your preference
Can I get admission in BITS Pilani through JEE mains ?
Admission is not available into BITS by taking JEE Mains. You will need to take BITSAT to be admitted into any BITS campuses
What is the cut off for BITS Pilani ?
BITSAT Cutoff 2020
Campus Program Cut-off Score
Pilani B.E. Civil 254
Pilani B.E. Electrical & Electronics 333
Pilani B.E. Mechanical 298
Pilani B.E. Computer Science 372
Which BITS is better for CSE ?
If you have CSE branches at both institutes, I'd recommend you to apply to Nit Trichy CSE. Since nit is a state-owned institute with good locations, affordable fee(compared the bits) bits increase fees without reason
Is CSE good in bits Hyderabad ?
Of India.The Computer Science Association of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus won the award for Best Technical Association for the year 2017-2018
Is BITS Goa better than BITS Pilani ?
Bits Pilani is more superior than Goa's campus . Bits Pilani is superior to any of the 3 campuses at bits. Companies that have a major product-based focus like Google and Amazon are also on campus and offer the students
Is Hostel compulsory in BITS Goa ?
NO, it is not mandatory to stay on the campus
Is BITS Pilani better over IIT ?

Choosing IIT over BITS Pilani is a fantastic option, but it is much better if you employ modern age facilities that provide excellent education and practical experience. When comparing BITS Pilani to IIT in terms of facilities and placement chances, BITS Pilani is governed by IIT, whilst students who opt to pursue a degree at IIT are known as IITians.

Is BITS Pilani worth joining ?

Yes, enrolling at BITS Pilani is well worth it. The institute has a great infrastructure, as well as greater educational and placement opportunities. The highest CTC was INR 1.33 CPA at BITS Pilani, while the average income in the 2022 placement drive was INR 28.99 LPA.

What is BITS Pilani famous for ?

BITS Pilani is well-known for its no-show policy and flexible academic programme, which places a strong focus on university-industry collaboration. In comparison to other institutes, students prefer BITS Pilani because of the freedom it provides.

What are the annual fees of BITS Pilani ?

For the first and second semesters of the BTech/BE degree, BITS Pilani costs roughly Rs 1.99 lakh. In addition, students must pay INR 43,800 as an entry fee. For the first year of the BE programme, the total price is roughly Rs 4,41,800.

Is it easy to get in BITS Pilani ?

Getting into BITS Pilani is not tough, but it is also not simple. Candidates who prepare for the BITSAT or IIT-JEE test on a regular basis can qualify for the exam in one or two rounds. To pass any competitive exam, you must constantly remain focused and believe in yourself.

How is life at BITS Pilani ?

As a student at BITS Pilani, you will have the opportunity to live an outstanding life because the school promotes a study-cum-sports atmosphere on campus. BITS Pilani offers its students a variety of exciting options in sports, academics, cultural events, and other student-friendly activities.

Is BITS Pilani overrated ?

BITS Pilani is regarded as one of India's best and most prestigious private technological institutes, and it lives up to its reputation. BITS Pilani not only guarantees 100% placement, but also fosters students by providing them with the greatest placement prospects in major global-tech firms. BITS Pilani is not overrated, so don't get fooled.

Can I get admission in BITS Pilani through JEE Mains ?

No, the institution only accepts applications for its B.E./B.Tech programme through the BITS Pilani BITSAT entrance test. Students who apply with a JEE Main score will not be considered for admission or a scholarship at BITS Pilani.

Which is the best branch in BITS Pilani ?

In terms of placements and academic quality, the CSE branch of BITS Pilani, like any other prominent technological university in India, dominates the other branches. On average, CSE students may expect to receive a salary package of INR 16-1 LPA, with the maximum package reaching INR 1 Crore.

What is the average package of BITS Pilani CSE ?

According to BITS Pilani's recent placement report, students pursuing a BE/B.IT in CSE may expect to get an average package of INR 17-18 LPA from leading tech organisations in India and overseas, with the highest placement package being INR 1.5 crore.

What is SWD BITS Pilani ?

BITS Pilani's Student Welfare Division (SWD) is an official body that works with student welfare in order to create a nice atmosphere on campus. SWD BITS Pilani BITS Pilani is responsible for a variety of issues for students, including housing, financial assistance, student dues, sports and sports facilities, cultural and recreational events, certifications, and student counselling.

What is e-Learn BITS Pilani ?

WILP programmes are available to registered students and teachers through BITS Pilani's e-learning portal. By logging onto the e-learn BITS Pilani WILP portal, registered students, professors, and staff can access their WILP courses and programmes.