Best Medical University in the UAE | MBBS

Best Medical University in the UAE


1. Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical and Health Sciences University (MBRU)

The College of Medicine within the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) is among the most prestigious hospitals in the UAE. The process to get an MBBS runs for six years and is taught entirely on the campus. The innovative curriculum is centred on keeping pace with the most recent developments and needs in the field of medicine.

The program is divided into three phases: an academic year, followed by an two-year block and finally a three-year block that includes the development of practical skills. There are certain admission requirements that are based on the country you're from, and with the highest averages for high school grades and especially in sciences subjects. Additionally, you must be able to prove your proficiency in English by taking a range of tests for language.

2. College of Medicine and Health Sciences, United Arab Emirates University

The first time it was opened was in 1984. It was first opened in 1984. College of Medicine and Health Sciences in the UAE University is the highest ranking medical college in the UAE at the present time, as well as the first. They are located within Abu Dhabi. They provide a four-year MD program after having completed the two-year pre-medical program provided by the College All in all an entire six years of study to obtain the doctoral degree.

The College's educational program is focused equally on medical education and communication and interpersonal abilities, acknowledging the importance of how doctors interact with patients. Patients' care is the top priority and so is the training and education based on practice.

3. College of Medicine and Health Sciences at Khalifa University

Khalifa University is based in Abu Dhabi and is aiming to create world-class healthcare facilities within Abu Dhabi, the UAE and throughout the region. They offer a four-year MD program to prepare students to work in the medical sector or continuing to study postgraduate studies.

Khalifa University also boasts an excellent research capacity, including medical genetics, nanomedicine biomaterials and bio-robotics, cellular biomechanics tissue regeneration, and bioinformatics.

4. Gulf Medical University - College of Medicine

The GMU is located in Ajman located in Ajman, the GMU is among the most prestigious private medical institutions located in the United Arab Emirates. It was established in 1998 and provides medical education via its College of Medicine.

The university is located on the huge compound known as Thumbay Medicity with a state-of-the-art research centre and a variety of labs and structures. In addition, the Mumbai Research Institute for Precision Medicine is also situated on the campus for diabetes and cancer research programs.

The College of Medicine offers the MBBS degree, which is taught over five years. It is designed to foster an environment of collaboration research, scientific inquiry, and continuous learning. It covers ambulatory and in-patient care scenarios that help you develop your abilities, and also in emergency situations. To earn your qualification at the conclusion of your study it is necessary to successfully pass an extensive exit Examination.

5. Ajman University - College of Medicine

Ajman University was founded in 1988 within the Ajman Emirate. It is situated near to Khalifa Hospital which enables students to gain experience in medicine within the hospital setting.

The university offers a range of courses of study at its many colleges. For instance, the College of Medicine offers the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degrees which are taught for a total of six year (including an additional year of foundational study that can be waived based on the level you are at).

To be admitted for admission, you must be able to either earn the high school diploma with a minimum 90 percent GPA and provide evidence of English proficiency and pass specific tests according to the country you are from and you may also be eligible for direct entry based on the high school curriculum you have completed.

6. RAK Medical & Health Sciences University

RAK Medical & Health Sciences University is located at Ras Al Khaimah and is an initiative of Ras Al Khaimah government, Ras Al Khaimah government, Al Ghurair Investments, and ETA Ascon Group, Dubai.

The College of Medical Sciences, this medical school located in UAE provides the MBBS degree program , which is split in two terms of applied fundamental sciences and 3 years of clinical. After you have graduated you must spend one year working as an intern prior to being able to practice medicine fully.

The requirements for admission depend on your school's education as well as the amount of your science-related knowledge prior to you apply.

7. College of Medicine, University of Sharjah

The last school in our top medical schools in the UAE can be found at one of them, the University of Sharjah, which is located within University City, Sharjah, and was founded in 1997. They have been involved in the expansion of the region and have expanded to establish campuses across the Sharjah Emirate to offer education directly to a variety of communities.

The College of Medicine teaches the MBBS program over six years: one year of foundation followed by five regular years and another year for clinical experience at the conclusion of the study time. It is offered in English and requires evidence that you're fluent with the foreign language. In order to be accepted, you must present your high school transcripts.


Frequently asked questions

Is studying MBBS in UAE good ?

The most convenient choice for overseas students is to pursue MBBS in the UAE. To study MBBS, you may expect a high-quality education in the UAE.

Does Dubai have good medical schools ?

Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates, is home to the United Arab Emirates University's College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS).

Where can I study medicine in UAE ?

Let's examine the top choices.

  • University of Medicine and Health Sciences Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBRU)
  • University of the United Arab Emirates (UAEU)
  • University of Khalifa.
  • GMU, or Gulf Medical University
  • University of Ajman (AU)
  • Medical and health sciences school in RAK (RAKMHSU).
Is university free in UAE ?

UAE nationals can receive a free university education at government institutions.

How can I study medicine in UAE for free ?

Free education in the United Arab Emirates

  • Create a great application.
  • Always submit your applications on time.
  • Utilize government financial aid opportunities in your own nation.
  • Apply for scholarships provided by universities in the UAE.
  • Apply for private sector scholarships
  • Choose reputable universities in the UAE.
Should I study Medicine UAE ?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a wealth of opportunities for medical study, particularly in the areas of medical research and higher education.

Who recognized medical universities in UAE ?

the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Ministry of Education (MOE), UAE, granted accreditation to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program.

Is Dubai Good for medical studies ?

UAE would be the greatest choice for MBBS due to its high literacy rate of 93%.

Can foreigners study Medicine in UAE ?

After high school, international students can apply right away to medical schools in the UAE.

How can I study Medicine in UAE for free ?

Free education in the United Arab Emirates

  • Create a great application.
  • Always submit your applications on time. 
  • Submit an application for government scholarships in your own nation. 
  • Apply for any scholarships provided by universities in the UAE.
  • Apply for private sector scholarships.
  • Choose reputable universities in the UAE.