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Our aim is to be the leading UK university for students who want to excel in their careers and in business, that is where innovative research and innovative teaching have a global and local impact.

Aston University is one of the top academic institutions for research and education within the UK. It was established by the University in 1966 the campus is situated on a 60-acre self-contained campus located in central Birmingham. Aston University is an internationally recognized institution for research and education. It offers postgraduate, undergraduate apprenticeship, foundation and executive degrees across different disciplines. The university also offers a variety of courses online. All of the courses offered by the university are created according to the latest trends and needs of business and industry around the world.

The diverse faculties and faculties within the institution are Engineering & Applied Science, Aston Graduate School, Languages & Social Sciences, Aston Business School, Life & Health Sciences and Aston Medical School. The faculty of Aston University comprises highly qualified teachers and specialists from the respective industries. Innovative tools and logical methods such as case studies are utilized in the teaching methods. Apart from the formal sessions the school focuses on the teaching of students through practical exercises. The programs for developing skills are designed to develop the ability to use cutting-edge technology among students.

Aston University boasts a world-class infrastructure on campus that provides the best educational experience. There are state-of-the-art laboratories and studios, libraries and IT centers and seminar halls on the campus, providing an environment that fosters the development of knowledge. Aston University is a hub for top research projects. To conduct the best quality of research the university has created high-quality research institutes. 78 percent of research has been rated as "World-leading" by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014. The university has joined forces with research institutes and universities around the globe for collaboration and knowledge sharing initiatives. Additionally, the university has collaborations with the industry to conduct funded research programs.

Aston is a university which is world-renowned. Students from all over the world attend to learn at this highly regarded university. The university is concerned with all factors that students face. It offers counseling medical, legal, (VISA and others) and other services for students. There are both outdoor and indoor gyms, sports arenas and swimming pools, cafeterias, banks, as well as other facilities located on campus.

The university provides modern facilities for accommodation for students. There are numerous student clubs within the university, which organize events for music festivals, sports meet literary festivals, dance competitions, art exhibits as well as other occasions. These events all involve interdisciplinarity that helps increase team spirit among students. Aston University offers various scholarships and loans for students to study to enable everyone to have access to higher education without financial hurdles. Aston University maintains an excellent record of placing students. Students who graduate from the university are hired by major firms with lucrative remuneration packages.

Aston University FAQs

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What's Aston University known for?

Aston is a top UK University for business and technical fields. It is renowned for its top-quality research and teaching within an incredibly safe and diverse atmosphere. The university has more than 13,000 students across 130 nations.

Where is Aston University in the UK?

Aston University is a leading public research university in the UK. In 1966, the Aston University campus was situated on a lush 60 acres self-contained campus in the middle of Birmingham.

What are the reasons I should go to Aston University?

Aston University offers the perfect combination of award-winning education top facilities, world-class facilities and an amazing student experience. ... Your student experience will make you part of the global community in one of the most welcoming, most diverse and multicultural student communities within the UK.

How do I find the position for Aston University?

Aston University has climbed six places to the 30th spot in the most recent Guardian University Guide. Its Guardian league table concentrates on the academic quality students' satisfaction, as well as employability. These are issues that are essential to young students selecting a university to study at.

Is Aston great for business?

Aston University is placed as the 13th most prestigious Higher Education institution overall of the 113 UK Universities in The Independent. Aston ranks first in Birmingham ahead of Birmingham City University (27th) and University of Birmingham (27th) and Birmingham City University (59th).


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