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Application Procedure of Australian Student Visa

You must first get an Australian student visa in order to study in Australia. Which student must complete a visa application form, pay a visa application cost of 630 UD, and attend an interview. Before applying for a visa, the applicant must receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) or a Letter of Offer confirming admission into a programme on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses.

You must apply for a certain subclass of visa depending on your age, kind of programme, and period of stay. Most international students who want to study in Australia apply for the Australian Student Visa Subclass 500. (regardless of the field of study opted).

Some of the most important things to remember while applying to Australian universities and obtaining a student visa are:

  • ImmiAccount allows you to submit online applications.
  • For subclass 500, the application cost is around 630 AUD.
  • A single student need 62,222 AUD as evidence of funding.

Student Visa for Australia (Subclass 500)

The student subclass 500 visa becomes available in July 2016. It is valid for the duration of your course of study and permits you to stay in Australia for up to five years from the date of registration. The typical visa application fee in Australia is 620 AUD (34,311 INR). The option to bring a family member to Australia, participate in a qualified course of study, and apply for the programme of choice online in or outside of Australia are some of the perks of obtaining this student visa.

To get a subclass 500 student visa, international students must satisfy the following requirements:

  • In Australia, Enrolled in a full-time on-campus programme.
  • You must have an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) or fall into one of the excluded groups.
  • You must be at least 6 years old to join.
  • You must show proof of a welfare agreement if you are under the age of 18.

Types of Australian Student Visa


Applicable for

Student Visa (subclass 500)

Up to 5 years

Visitor Visa (subclass 600, 601, 651)

For maximum of 3 months of study

Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417 and 462)

For maximum of 4 months of study

Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590)

For a guardian accompanying an overseas student in Australia for three months of study or an ELICOS course for 20 hours per week for the term of the visa.

Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

For students who have completed their study in Australia and wish to stay and obtain job experience for 18 months to 4 years.

Training Visa (subclass 407)

For those who wish to visit Australia temporarily in order to engage in occupational training or professional development.

Criteria for Obtaining an Australian Student Visa

As an international student intending to study in Australia, you must ensure that you fulfil the following eligibility criteria in order to be granted a student visa:

Enroll in a study programme and present documentation

Your Australian student visa application must include proof of enrollment, which is often available in one of the following formats:

CoE or Confirmation of Enrollment- CoE, or Confirmation of Enrollment, is sent to students who have been accepted for full-time courses that are registered on CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students).

CoEs and packaged courses- If you are applying for more than one course, you must provide all of the CoE codes in your visa application, or your student visa will only cover the time of residence for the particular CoE.

  • You may apply for two or more courses, with each course building on the previous one. The interval between the start of the two courses should not exceed two months. The gap period is waived when the first course ends at the end of the academic year and the following course commences at the start of the next academic year.

Letter of Support: If you are accepted to a full-time study or training programme funded by the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade scholarship programmes, you may submit your letter of support as proof of enrollment.

  • Similarly, if you get money from the Australian Department of Defense, you can apply for a student visa along with your letter of support.
  • AASES (Admissions Advice for Secondary Exchange Students): Students interested in an exchange degree from Australia may mention this in their application.

Educator's Letter: PG students who need to stay in Australia while their thesis is being graded must present a note from their instructor confirming the same.

Be a Genuine Temporary Participant (GTE)

A GTE statement, preferably in English, will be requested of you. A translated copy will be requested if the statement is written in another language. The GTE statement is evaluated in order to identify students who want to apply for the student visa for purposes other than education, such as obtaining or maintaining continued residency in Australia. As a result, having a decent and authentic GTE statement is critical.

The following proof or information must be included in the GTE statement:

Previous Study: Academic transcripts, name of education provider, length of study, and certificate obtained.

Gap in Study- Reasons for rectifying any gaps in past schooling.

Current Employment- Current employer, firm address, job title, length of employment, and reference contact information.

Ties to Home Country- Explain your desire to return to your home country based on substantial familial, financial, and social ties.

Economic Situation in Home Country- Income tax returns or bank statements, possible employment offers, and documentation indicating specifics of business or work over the previous 12 months before to applying.

Employment in a Third Country- Potential job offers with pay scale information and other perks.

Have sufficient health insurance

The visa applicant and their family must have and keep OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). You can receive an OSHC by locating and paying for your preferred coverage with an authorised insurance provider in Australia. OSHC must be represented to the immigration authorities for each member of your family who joins you after you arrive in Australia. This should cover your health for the entire time you intend to remain in Australia.

  • Minimum for singles is 430 AUD each year.
  • Minimum for couples is $2,680 AUD each year.
  • A family's minimum coverage is 4000 AUD per year.

All Requirements for English Language 

Applicants who are needed to demonstrate English language competency might submit certain test scores that have been approved by the department. The minimum test score standards for various ELP tests certified by the department are detailed below.


Minimum Score

Minimum ELICOS Score for at least 10 weeks

Minimum ELICOS score for at least 20 weeks

















Occupational English Test

B for each test component



*ELICOS- English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

Make sure you have adequate money for your stay

You must provide financial proof that you have the money to stay in Australia. The costs vary depending on the length of stay, the curriculum chosen, and other factors. You must have enough money to pay your living expenses, school fees, and overall travel expenditures. You may supply the following documents:

  • Money deposits at a financial institution, loans, or other forms of financial assistance
  • Scholarships to study in Australia or other forms of financial assistance
  • You must show proof of an aggregate income of 62,222 AUD in the 12 months preceding your visa application.
    • If you bring family members, the total cost will be 72,592 AUD.
  • Plan for the necessary costs, which will cover the cost of living as well as tuition and related academic fees for courses.
    • Bachelor's programmes range in price from 27,390 to 61,632 AUD (14.88 lakhs to 33.48 lakhs).
    • The cost of a master's degree ranges from $30,138 to $68,490 AUD. (16.37-37.21 lakhs)
    • A single student's annual living expenses are $21,041 AUD (11.43 lakhs). If accompanied by a spouse, an extra 7362 AUD(4.0 lakhs) is necessary, and a kid requires an additional 3,152 AUD(1.71 lakhs).

*Note: Please keep in mind that the costs of the programme and living are estimates. Each applicant must guarantee that they have the correct finances needed to submit visa applications.

Meet the Character Requirements

If you are 16 years old or older, you must meet character standards for an Australian student visa. To meet the requirements, you must do the following while submitting applications:

  • Give a detailed account of your illicit activity.
  • Answer the questions truthfully.
  • Provide all needed information to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

After you have applied, Home Affairs may request more documentation from you. They are as follows:

  • Police clearance
  • Personal information form 80 for character evaluation
  • statutory declaration of character
  • Employer's letter of conduct Military certificate

Comply with Health Requirements

To achieve the health standards, you must be free of any ailment that might endanger public health, cost a lot of money for healthcare and community services, or put a strain on community or healthcare services that are in low supply.

Sign the Australian Values Declaration

The declaration states that the student visa applicant would follow and respect Australian laws. You must also have read the booklet Life in Australia. The following papers must be submitted when applying for an Australian student visa:

  • Passport and Birth Certificate
  • Offer Letter/CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment)
  • Insurance/OSHC (Overseas Health Cover)
  • Evidence of Financial Capacity for a 12-month stay and round-trip airfare (minimum of $20,000 excluding tuition fees)
  • Proof of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
  • English Language Test Scores: There are certain exemptions available for students who have completed five years of study in the following countries:
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
    • Republic of IrelandUK
    • United States 
    • United Kingdon
    • Canada
  • Other exceptions: New Zealand students studying at Australian universities do not need a student visa. For New Zealanders, the cost of study is the same as for domestic students. Foreign students from Belgium and Norway are not required to purchase Overseas Student Health Coverage.

Australia Student Visa Application Process

International students must apply for an Australian student visa at least 6 months before the start of the programme. Let us now summarise the complete procedure of obtaining a student visa to study at an Australian university:

Step 1: Before Applying

  • Plan your health examinations.
  • Get assistance with your visa application.
  • Obtain a current passport.

Step 2: Required Documents for an Australian Student Visa:

  • CoE proof of identity, admission letter, and support
  • Evidence that you have the money to stay
  • Show proof that you have legitimate access to the funds.
  • Proof showing you are exempt from paying the visa application fee, if relevant
  • OSHC Evidence and GTE document evidence
  • Partner documentation, assuming they are legitimate.
  • If appropriate, documents for dependents and children.
  • Using our Document Checklist Tool, you may determine which documents are necessary.

STEP 3: Where Can I Apply for a Visa?

Create an ImmiAccount login and apply online for an Australian Student visa.

  • Please provide any needed documentation.
  • Pay the Visa application costs.
  • MasterCard (including Debit MasterCard), VISA (including VISA Debit Card), American Express, China Union Pay, PayPal, Prepaid credit cards, Diners Club, JCB, and BPAY are all acceptable methods of payment for Australian student visa payments.

Step 4: After You've Applied

Following the completion of your applications, you must perform the following tasks via ImmiAccount:

  • Make Biometrics Available
  • Obtain medical examinations and referral letters.
  • Comply with the law by providing any additional information that is requested.

Step 5: Visa Approval

Your Australian student visa application decision will be communicated to you in writing. If you are accepted, the letter will include your visa grant number, the date your visa will expire, and the terms of your student visa.

Arrange for money and other paperwork after receiving the Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) from an Australian university. Apply for an Australian Student Visa by completing the processes outlined below:

  • Submit papers and pay the standard Student Visa Fee of $413.
  • Create an ImmiAccount at or download the application in pdf format for offline use.
  • Attach the aforementioned papers; maximum of 60 files of up to 5 MB per individual.
  • Completing and submitting the final application

Time Duratration to Process an Australian Student Visa

The student visa for Australia is usually handled within a month, but it might take up to ten months. The Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF), on the other hand, shortens the visa processing time. The following is the processing time for a student visa:


75% processing

90% processing

Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector

45 days

76 days

Postgraduate Research Sector

3 months

6 months

Independent ELICOS Sector

4 months

9 months

Vocational Education and Training Sector

6 months

10 months

Higher Education Sector

44 days

6 months

*NOTE: To apply for a Student Visa Extension in Australia, log in to ImmiAccount and select the visa extension option from the drop-down menu.

Work-Study in Australia as an International Student

Most Australian Student Visas enable overseas students to work while studying. Students with subclass 500 visas are permitted to work up to 40 hours each 2-week period after their study begins. Depending on your college/policies, university's you can work part-time on or off campus.

Australia is a fantastic destination to work and study. This is why:

  • Workplace protection is provided to overseas students in the same way that it is provided to all Australians.
  • Regardless of your work, you will be paid a minimum wage on an hourly basis in accordance with the Australian Government's requirements.
  • International student workers are strongly supported by educational institutions, as well as government and business organisations.

If you are looking for vacation job, an Australian student visa subclass 500 allows you to work for an unlimited number of hours.

Acceptance Rate of Australian Student Visas

The acceptance rate for student visas in Australia for various fields of education in Australia is:

  • 23.3 percent have a higher education.
  • 18.9 percent have a vocational or educational background.
  • 11.8 percent in the Postgraduate Research Sector
  • 82.8 percent of ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students)

The likelihood of your visa application being granted is greatly reliant on a few aspects, including your visa refusal history, the accuracy of the information submitted, financial capability, language competency, and comprehensive paperwork. Failure to meet any of these requirements may result in the refusal of an Australian Student Visa.

Reasons for Rejection of an Australian Student Visa

Australia welcomes overseas students with open arms; yet, there is a larger risk of student visa denial. The following are some of the causes for Australian Student Visa Rejection:

  • Documents that are incorrect/incomplete
  • Choosing a course that has nothing to do with past academic pursuits
  • Inability to pay for tuition, housing expenses, and other expenses in Australia
  • Inability to communicate in English Proficiency
  • Concerns about health
  • Inability to articulate oneself as a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)
  • Records of incarceration (if any)
  • Failure to fulfil academic obligations
  • Intentions to remain in the nation

To summarise, in order to secure a study visa for Australia, you must ensure that you check each and every detail for eligibility and criteria. Consider your student visa application to be one of the most significant components of your trip to Australia to study. Fulfilling all conditions and concentrating on the accuracy of the papers will increase your chances of acquiring the requested documents.

Frequently asked questions

How much money do I need for Australian student visa ?
The amount you must show for living expenses (apart from tuition and travel) is set at AU$20,290 (US$13,750) every year.
How can I get Australian student visa ?

1. Apply to an Australian school and obtain a CoE.
2. Register with the Australian immigration authorities.
3. Ensure that you have all necessary documentation in digital format.
4. Submit your visa application online.
5. Pay the visa cost and obtain a TRN.
6. Potential health examination and interview
7. Receive your visa determination
8. Now Visit Australia

How long can you stay in Australia on a student visa ?
The Australian government often grants a visa with a stay length one month longer than the course. The maximum period of stay for a Student visa is usually no more than 5 years.
How long does it take to get a student visa for Australia ?
Processing timeframes vary depending on the industry, with 75 percent of applications being processed in 29 days and 90 percent of applications being processed in 42 days for the Higher Education Sector. 75 percent of applications were received in 43 days; 90 percent of applications were received in 77 days for the Vocational Education and Training Sector.
Is it difficult to get Australian student visa ?
Obtaining a student visa in Australia is easier than in other nations. Students who wish to study in Australia must satisfy specific standards in order to obtain a visa. You can apply for a visa under Subclass 500 once you have enrolled in a full-time study programme.
How can I go to Australia after 12th ?

Visa requirements for studying in Australia after the 12th:

  • Visa requirements for studying in Australia after the 12th:
  • Financial accessibility.
  • Overseas Student Health Insurance.
  • Academic diplomas and transcripts
  • Your Resume/C.V.
Can I get PR in Australia after study ?

After completing their studies, a huge proportion of overseas students in Australia hope to get permanent residency. To do so, you must apply for a visa through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's SkillSelect programme.

Is there interview for Australian student visa ?
Every Australian student visa applicants are assigned a case officer who does a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) evaluation. The applicant is granted a visa based on his or her success in this evaluation. The evaluation takes the form of an interview, with sample questions and responses provided below.
How long is the visa process for Australia ?
A 6-month tourist visa application typically takes 2 – 4 weeks to process from the moment you provide all the supporting documentation (not from the date of the application). It will take longer if additional medical or police checks are necessary.
Why Australian visa gets rejected ?
The most common cause for a visa refusal is a lack of finances in the applicant's bank account or a lack of sufficient funds to study and live in Australia. When applying for a study visa in Australia, you must have adequate finances to live and study in Australia.
Do I need English test for Australian visa ?
You will need to demonstrate your English skills to the Department of Home Affairs in order to get an Australian visa. With over three million exams completed in the last year, IELTS is one of the world's most popular high-stakes English language assessments.
Which visa is best for Australia ?

From best to worst, here are eight visa possibilities.

  1. SKILLED INDEPENDENT visa, subclass 189
  2. PARTNER visa, subclass 801
  3. SIGNIFICANT INVESTOR visa, subclass 188
  4. PERMANENT PROTECTION visa, subclass 866
  5. TEMPORARY SKILL SHORTAGE visa, subclass 482
  6. REMAINING RELATIVE visa, subclass 115
  7. VISITOR visa, subclass 651.
  8. TEMPORARY PROTECTION visa, subclass 785
What are the types of Australian Student visa ?
  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)
  • Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190) Visa.
  • Graduate Temporary (Subclass 485) Visa.
  • Skilled - Nominated or Sponsored Provisional (Subclass 489) Visa.
  • Skilled Regional (Subclass 887) Visa.
Is health insurance are needed to apply for Australian student visa ?
While Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is required, private health, travel, house and possessions, and auto insurance are also available in Australia. You must obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) as an international student in Australia for the length of your studies in Australia.
Can I enter Australia without OSHC ?
No, it is not possible to get in Australia before the OSHC begins. The Department of Home Affairs works diligently to ensure that health insurance in Australia is compliant.