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Amazon: From Online Bookstore to Global Behemoth

Jeff Bezos started Amazon out of his garage in Washington. This business was founded on July 5th, 1994. With its headquarters in the United States, the international corporation Amazon focuses on online advertising, digital streaming, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, it belongs to one of the top five American technological firms. and this company began as an online bookstore, but it has now grown to include a wide range of product categories. next, we'll talk about how Amazon overcame obstacles, stood out among other businesses, and responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's explore and comprehend this area in depth.Let's look at each of these points to get a better understanding of Amazon. 

  • Some of the challenges Amazon has faced
  • How Amazon is Different from other competitors
  • How has Amazon expanded into new markets beyond retail
  • What is Amazon's business model and how has it evolved
  • Amazon's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Some of the challenges Amazon has faced

The Amazon Company was founded in 1994, and in May of 1997, it became public. It began selling music and movies and then struggled to keep up with the times, and now Amazon has faced much of the competition, and other companies are making a difference by entering the marketplaces and gaining market share. in addition, the comments left by customers are a significant source of the issue. Amazon provides its customers with basically the best possible facilities, yet the company continues to receive negative feedback. Even being a large company, Amazon has been faced with a number of issues, and after that, it is dealing with a number of significant difficulties.

How Amazon is Different from other competitors

Amazon is unique compared to its competition, and it faces strong competition from a variety of top-tier businesses today, including Walmart, Netflix, Alibaba groups, and Flipkart, as well as other possibilities. We can see in the following how Amazon surpasses other companies.

  • In terms of comparison, Amazon has the best review display.
  • Amazon is available in more languages than any other company, making it simple to use and access information.
  • Amazon provides excellent customer service. It responds fast to calls and solves problems as soon as possible.
  • Amazon is more convenient for retailers because it quickly authorizes new seller accounts. It also allows the vendor to sell immediately.
  • Visitors can find the goods or services they need on Amazon thanks to its user-friendly design.

Finally, Amazon faced stiff competition and, as a result, remained at the top of the market.

How has Amazon expanded into new markets beyond retail

It all started with Amazon printing books and selling them online in the 1980s, followed by the company starting to sell CDs and DVDs in the 1990s. After a few years, Amazon started offering a subscription service. In response to how the world was changing, the company changed its marketing strategy several times over the years. Then it switched to other items in line with what was needed in the modern world, including Amazon Alexa, the current market leader in digital voice assistants. After, Amazon expanded its business and began live streaming, as well as many other business types. Today, Amazon is in almost every business kind. 

What is Amazon's business model and how has it evolved

Amazon started as a tiny, locally focused technology startup and grew into a large, globally focused e-commerce behemoth. and its primary business model is internet-based, completely customer-focused e-commerce. Additionally, Amazon allows both small and large businesses to sell their products through its website. And Amazon gives its sellers a lot of benefits, as well as a lot of options for selling their products and making a lot of money. Amazon has a wide range of possibilities, including web services, the App Store, Prime Videos, the Shopping Platform, and many more, which make it the best and easiest to comprehend its business strategies. And this company's evolution can be attributed to the variety of options and services it offers to its buyers and sellers.

Amazon's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Amazon experienced a lot of difficulties due to the Covid 19 and Amazon has been supportive during the Covid 19 period Amazon offers its customers reasonable prices throughout the pandemic. Amazon has also helped countries that were in need at the time. Overall, Amazon was very helpful to its customers and employees. And Amazon's response was that it was the most difficult period the company has ever experienced. But Amazon was able to handle it successfully enough.


And lastly, we have seen that Amazon company, although having lots of difficulties, has managed to emerge as a successful worldwide technology company that stands out from the competition. We've seen the Covid-19 impacts and what challenges it faces, as well as the other company that poses an unacceptable risk to Amazon but continues to grow in strength and expand from a small bookseller to a worldwide behemoth.