Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University is a private university which was established in 2003. This university offers 5 courses. This university has four campuses all across Dubai. Abu Dhabi University has one of the largest campuses, and the curriculum taught at this university is mostly based on American curriculum. With modern classrooms and amazing infrastructural facilities, Abu Dhabi University draws the attention of brilliant students from all across the world.

Students who graduate from Abu Dhabi University are competent enough to take up a position in leading MNCs. The university library has a vast collection of books on various subjects. Students at this university has a distinct privilege to read books from many eminent authors. Some of the famous courses offered at this university include Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Science in Civil Engineering, Masters of Science in Information Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. If you are planning to enroll in any of the aforementioned courses, you can pay due consideration to this university because it is an accredited university which caters to all needs and requirements of students.

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