University of Liege

It is the University of Liege is the all-encompassing public university in the Wallonie-Brussels Federation. It has a rich history of academic and teaching excellence as well as an intellectual heritage that has helped put Liegeon maps since the middle of the Ages.ULiege is among the top schools in Belgium. Since its beginning in 1817 the university has established an alliance with the economic, scientific and cultural growth of the country.

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University of Liege History

The University was established around 1817, in 1817 by William I of the Netherlands who was then King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Minister of Education Anton ReinhardFalck. The institution's foundation is the product of an extensive intellectual tradition that dates to the time from the prince-bishopric of Liege. In the 11th century it was the principality's influence that prince attracted scholars and famous scientists and philosophers, including Petrarch to study in the library of the university. The popularity of its medieval institutions gave the city the status of the new Athens.

University of Liege Research

ULiege is a university that combines basic research and applied research to encourage collaboration and interaction between scientists.

  • In terms of research in research, The University of Liege offers numerous options to:
  • businesses or organizations of all kinds, from both the private and public sectors, that want to collaborate or subcontract specific research tasks;
  • Second-cycle students who want to receive training in research and earn the degree of PhD;
  • postdoctoral researchers seeking to broaden their work as part of one of our well-known research teams;
  • Experienced researchers looking for an academic job that combines teaching with top-quality research.

University of Liege Organization

It is the University of Liege counts:

  • 24,522 students
    • 4,600 foreign students
  • 4,300 employees
    • 2.800 faculty members (both research and teaching)
    • 1300 administrative and technical support staff

ULiege comprises 11 faculties:

  • Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
  • Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology
    • The Jean Constant Graduate School of Criminology
  • Faculty of Social Science
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Applied Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Faculty of Agronomical Science and Bioengineering
  • Faculty of Psychology, Logopedics and Educational Sciences
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • HEC Liege Management School

University of Liege Campus

In the past, the main ULiege campus was the Sart-Tilman hill, which is a huge planned community college that lies about 10 km to the south of the city centre of Liege. The university has maintained its headquarters as well as several administrative buildings located in the city's center in addition to its Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and which includes the Institutes of Zoology, Anatomy and as well as the HEC Liege Management School, as well as the newly created Faculty of Architecture.

The Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech campus as well as faculties are in Gembloux, Namur Province, and Faculty of Science Department of Environmental Science and Management is located in Arlon, Luxembourg Province.

The university also has an experimental research laboratory located in the Belgian High Fens since 1924 as well as it also owns the STARESO oceanography station located in Calvi, Corsica, France meteorological station, and the Sphinx Observatory in the Jungfraujoch, Switzerland, since 1950, as well as research observatories and stations within Chile (SPECULOOS as well as TRAPPIST-South), Morocco and Tenerife, Spain (TRAPPIST-North).

University of Liege Career Opportunities

As one of the top companies of the Liege region, ULiege generates from its various sites more than five thousand direct jobs. This is comprised of 3,300 researchers and teachers and around 1 700 administrative, managerial and technical personnel. The diverse range of occupations meet the requirements of ULiege as and the demands of a continuously evolving society and technological.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the University of Liege ?
The University of Liège (French: Université de Liège, or ULiège) is a major public university in Liège, Wallonia, Belgium, that is part of the French Community of Belgium.
Is University of Liege good ?
In the list of Best Global Universities, the University of Liège is ranked #361. Schools are ranked based on their performance on a set of widely accepted excellence indicators.
What is University of Liege ranking ?
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Is Liege a student city ?
Liège is a lively town! There are multiple student parties, bars, cafes, and restaurants to choose from!
How good is housing service at University of Liege ?
ULiège is primarily based in Liège's downtown area as well as the Sart Tilman university sector, which is 10 kilometres to the south. It is very simple to find housing there. It is Belgium's least expensive university city, thanks to a plethora of options at very low prices. Indeed, in addition to university residences, there are approximately 7,000 student apartments available throughout the city and near the Sart Tilman campus (rooms, studios, apartments, houses).
How good is service at University of Liege with Space Science ?
The university got #172 rank in space Science, and there is some other rank
  • Space Science overall score: 41.9
  • Space Science global research reputation: #127
  • Space Science regional research reputation: #53
  • Space Science publications: #88
  • Space Science normalized citation impact: #138
  • Space Science total citations: #106
Is University of Liege have library ?
The University of Liège Libraries are designed to provide members of the university community and the general public with the information and documentation they require in their roles as students, teachers, and researchers. The Network is also the custodian of a unique heritage that it is responsible for preserving and promoting.
Is University of Liege provide ICT services ?
The University's Board of Directors established the General Information Technology Department (SEGI) in 1981, and it reports directly to it. The SEGI is a logistics expert in all areas of automatic data processing.
How good is the University of Liege with Engineering ?

The University of Liege is very good in engineering and got #558 rank, 

  • Engineering overall score: 37.0
  • Engineering global research reputation: #380
  • Engineering regional research reputation: #203
  • Engineering publications: #517
  • Engineering conferences: #605
  • Engineering normalized citation impact: #579
How many campus University of Liege are there ?
The University of Liege has four campuses in three cities and provides a stimulating environment and a conducive learning environment in cosmopolitan and welcoming student cities.
How many opportunities have a student at University of Liege ?
ULiege, as one of the top companies in the Liege region, employs over 5,000 people directly across its various sites. There are approximately 3,300 researchers and teachers, as well as 1,700 administrative, managerial, and technical staff. The diverse range of occupations meets ULiege's needs as well as the demands of a rapidly changing society and technological landscape.
How good is sports facilities at University of Liege ?

Convinced of many advantages of sport, the University of Liège incorporates sports into the health policy it wishes to develop for its employees, students, and even visitors.
The RCAE, or ULiège Sport Department, offers nearly 70 physical and sporting activities to members of the ULiège community at "student" prices. The RCAE also has a partnership with Liégeois Rugby FC.

When the University of Liege was founded ?
William I of the Netherlands, then King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, and his Minister of Education, Anton Reinhard Falck, established the university in 1817. The university was established as a result of a long intellectual tradition that dates back to the Prince-Bishopric of Liège's beginnings.