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Universiti Malaysia Pahang is a public technical college in Pahang, Malaysia. It was previously called Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan dan Teknologi Malaysia (English: University College of Engineering & Technology Malaysia) (KUKTEM).

On the 28th of November, the year 2015 UMP was granted autonomy. This meant that all control on human resources, and administration had been transferred to the university.

UMP is a relatively university that is relatively new and is classified as a specialized university in addition to 19 other public universities in Malaysia. Our focus is on the areas of technology, engineering and industrial sciences. It is evident that the programs offered by the university are are highly sought-after from students in a growing country such as Malaysia. Furthermore is the learning and teaching strategy used by UMP is is primarily student-centered and problem-based.

Students at UMP have access to high-tech facilities that mimic the ones used in industry. It is renowned as a result of the "Teaching Factory" concept, our students are taught by skilled instructors in a learning environment that prepares them for real-world.

UMP has been operating on two campuses. There is the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electric and Electronics Engineering and the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering are located on a resort-like college of Pekan. The other faculties, academic centres , and centers of excellence are located in Gambang which is located in the rapidly expanding biotechnology and petrochemical hub. Both campuses are approximately 40 km from each other.

Potential scholars who wish to be a part of UMP we provide the ideal setting to conduct research, teaching and consultancy. A variety of positions for visiting are available to suit your needs.


UMP was created as a technical public university through the Malaysian government on February 16 2002. It was established by the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971, as a result of the Royal Decree of His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong, Kolej Universiti Kejuruteran & Teknologi Malaysia (KUKTEM) was established as a technical university, focusing on technological and engineering. The college is located on an interim campus in Gambang, Pahang. It was an industrial complex that was owned of Malaysia Electric Corporation (MEC). The permanent campus of the university is situated in Pekan and is currently still under construction.

On October 8, 2006 on the 8th of October 2006, the Malaysian government agreed to change the name Kolej Universiti Kejuruteran & Teknologi Malaysia to Universiti Malaysia Pahang.


Facilities available include:

The dormitory is referred to as Kolej Kediaman in Malay (English"Residental College). It is split into two parts:

Residential College 1 and 3 comprises 15 blocks. Each block is comprised of four floors having 12 rooms, two study rooms , and washrooms. There are four pupils assigned in each classroom.

Residential College 2 is a new dormitory complex made up of terraced houses. This is a dormitory for males only. The first year and over male students are assigned to this class.

Residential College 4. UMP has rented out shop spaces to house the rising amount of students. The next to Lebuhraya Tun Razak, it comprises three blocks: A,B and C.

Residential College 5 is an apartment-style dormitory that was the first residential complex constructed within UMP Pekan. It is comprised of nine blocks: Blocks A B C, D and F are male dormitories, and G, H, and I are female-only. It is home to electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing students since they were the initial class of faculties that were transferred to the UMP Pekan before the faculties were to be moved to the UMP Pekan Campus in 2016.

Internet access: Nearly every areas of campus have Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, there are LAN ports available for students who want to join Internet using a LAN cable in places like study rooms in dormitories and libraries. The university has installed LAN ports in all rooms in every hostel.

Malaysia's principal ISP (Internet service provider), TMNET, provides wireless internet access. Also known in the industry as TMNET Hotspot. The service gives high-speed wireless Internet access at a few places at a cost of 19 Malaysian Ringgit per month.

Library Library Library of UMP Pekan was constructed by an aquifer, resulting in UMP Pekan with the name UMP Lakeside campus.

Rooms/halls for lectures

Labs (separated by faculties).


Sport facilities -- field, gym, basketball court, badminton court etc.



Universiti Malaysia Pahang Rankings

#1058In Best Global Universities (tie)

#285In Best Global Universities in Asia

#9in Best Global Universities in Malaysia

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