Stanford University

Stanford University, officially Leland Stanford Junior University is a private research institution located in Stanford, California. The campus is spread across 8,180 acres (3,310 acres) which is among the most expansive in UnitedStates, and enrolls more than 17,000 students. Stanford is considered to be one of the top colleges across the world. Stanford was established on the 18th of October, 1885. It was founded in 1885 by Leland Stanford and Jane Stanford in memory of their sole child, Leland Stanford Jr. who had passed away from typhoid disease at the age of 15 in the prior year.Leland Stanford was a U.S. senator and governor in the past of California who earned his fortune as railroad businessman. The school was first admitted to students on October 1st, 1891, and was an independent, non-denominational school. Stanford University struggled financially after the death of Leland Stanford in 1893, and in the aftermath of the campus was damaged in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Following World War II, the provost Frederick Terman supported faculty and students' entrepreneurial spirit to create an industry that was self-sufficient in the area that was later referred to as Silicon Valley. The school is comprised of seven schools. There are three schools that comprise 40 departments of academics for undergraduate students, as in four schools of professional studies that concentrate specifically on master's programs within medicine, law education, business, and other fields. All schools are located on an identical campus. Students play 36 varsity sports and Stanford is one of the two private institutions that are part of the Division I FBS Pac-12 Conference. Stanford has been awarded 128 NCAA team championships, more than any other college and was recognized with the NACDA Directors"Cup" for 25 consecutive years starting in 1994-1995. Furthermore that by 2021 Stanford alumni and students had won at the very least 296 Olympic medals, including 150 gold medals.

Stanford University Rankings 2022

  • #2 among the US universities, 2022 by QS World University Rankings.

  • #2 in Graduate Employability Ranking 2022, by QS Global World Rankings.

  • #3 in QS Global World University Rankings, 2022.

  • #2 in US College Rankings, 2022 by Times Higher Education.

  • #4 in World University Rankings, 2022 by Times Higher Education.

  • #6 in National Universities, 2022 by U.S. News and World Report.


Stanford University Scholarships

The institution offers various types of financial aid to those who are interested in it through grants, scholarships and loans. The institution does offer some scholarships for students from outside the USA. So, international students who require assistance should indicate this when they apply for admission. Around 5,000 students get some type of financial aid, both internally as well as from outside Stanford University. Around 66 percent of students receive financial aid in order to lower the overall cost of their education. Moreover, 47% of students receive need-based scholarships and grants, with barely 18% of students finishing with debt. In order to be eligible for scholarship funding international students must have or have or both an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or an Social Security number (SSN). International students aren't qualified for loans for students or federal assistance through U.S. government agencies. However, they are eligible for assistantships and fellowships, which could have limitations on work.

Stanford University Campus

  • Stanford University campus is located in the center of the San Francisco Peninsula. 

  • Stanford University campus is structured with 700 buildings, 150 companies located in the 700-acre Stanford Research Park, 140 retail stores in the Stanford Shopping Center, and more.

  • The campus features 49 miles of roads, three dams, and over 43,000 trees, and 800 different species of plants.

  • Some of the campus traditions include its Battle of Bay (football game), Cardinal Nights, The Wacky Walk, and Fountain Hopping.

  • There are more than 13,000 bikes, 67 buses, and 41 electric buses in a 23-route system on campus for commuters.

  • The university campus is one of the largest single-campus colleges in the United States housing seven schools and 18 research institutes.

Stanford University Services

Student services

All new students are welcome to the Career Development Center! You can connect with us at the new student orientation. We are glad to have you as a student at Stanford's Career Development Center! There are five ways you can connect with us during our new student orientation. We are looking forward to connecting with all of you soon and often.

Housing services

Nearly 62 percent of eligible graduate students live in university-provided housing for singles, couples, and families with children. When they submit their spring deadline, new graduate students will be guaranteed housing for their first year. The undergraduate housing system has 80 facilities. A quarter of all students are members of one of the 16 fraternities and 14 sororities on campus. There are seven fraternities and three sororities that offer to house.

Library services

  • Green is Stanford University's main research library, and has collections in the humanities, social sciences, area studies, and interdisciplinary areas.
  • Cecil H. Green Library
  • Lathrop Library
  • Archive of Recorded Sound
  • Art & Architecture Library (Bowes)
  • Biology Library (Falconer)
  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library (Swain)
  • Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections (Branner)
  • East Asia Library

Medical services

Stanford Medicine provides exceptional care to each patient. For the best outcomes, our multidisciplinary approach to healthcare combines deep expertise with the most cutting-edge technology.

Stanford University Student Life

Campus life

Stanford University is situated on 8.180 acres in central San Francisco. Stanford land includes 49 miles of roads, two distinct water systems, three dams and three open water reservoirs. There are also 88 miles worth of water mains and an office. The university's Central Energy Facility uses heat recovery and thermal storage in order to maximize the efficiency of its heating and cooling systems. Stanford contracts or provides its own firefighting, police, and other services. The first phase of Stanford's 35-acre Redwood City campus, which will eventually house approximately 2,700 Stanford employees, will be opened in 2019. It is just a mile away from downtown Redwood City, and five miles from Stanford’s main campus.

Sports facilities

Arrillaga Center for Sports & Recreation

  • Women's Squash
  • Men's & Women's Fencing
  • Facility for students, faculty & staff

Arrillaga Family Sports CenterArrillaga Outdoor Education & Recreation Center

Avery Aquatic Center

  • Men's & Women's Swimming and Diving
  • Men's & Women's Water Polo
  • Synchronized Swimming

Burnham Pavilion & Ford Center

  • Men's and Women's Gymnastics
  • Some Men's Volleyball

Student clubs

In general, the 650+ clubs and organizations at Stanford span the following areas:

  • Athletic/Recreational
  • Careers/Pre-professional
  • Community Service
  • Ethnic/Cultural
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Health/Counseling
  • Media/Publications
  • Music/Dance/Creative Arts
  • Political/Social Awareness
  • Religious/Philosophical

Stanford University Career

  • With seven schools and numerous other academic and administrative areas, Stanford offers a wealth of rewarding career opportunities.
  • Stanford believes that each individual's career should be tailored to their strengths and aspirations. Personal growth is encouraged and supported at Stanford so that all can have a healthy work-life balance. There are many resources and programs available at Stanford to assist employees in their career advancement. We encourage you to make the most of everything Stanford has to offer, from career counseling to tuition and assistance with training.

Stanford University Research

  • From Nobel Prize winners to undergraduates, all members of the Stanford community are engaged in creating new knowledge.
  • Stanford’s culture of collaboration drives innovative discoveries in areas vital to our world, our health and our intellectual life.
  • Eighteen independent labs, centers and institutes engage faculty and students from across the university.
  • At the intersection of disciplines is where new ideas emerge and innovative research happens.
  • Academic departments sponsor numerous other research centers and labs.

Stanford University Education

Stanford University is a world-renowned research university. It is well-known for its entrepreneurial spirit, a result of the connections it has with Silicon Valley. The humanities, social sciences, engineering, and sciences are all areas of excellence. Stanford is situated in California's Bay Area. It is one of the most intellectually active and culturally diverse regions of the country.

Stanford University Placements

Stanford University offers a variety of career support for students. To help recent graduates make a career leap, the university hosts recruitment events by companies and agencies. Bachelor's degree is the most highly paid at the university, with an average salary of 249,000 USD. Below are the highest-paid professions for Stanford graduates, as well as their average annual salaries:




Average Annual Salary in USD


Financial Services




Executive Management and Change




Finance Control and Strategy




Consulting, Accounting and Professional Services




Program and Project Management




IT and Software Development



Frequently asked questions

Is Harvard better than Stanford ?
Harvard: Rankings. Stanford has an edge in terms of ranking. Both schools share a few differences on different rankings lists. For instance, QS World University ranks Stanford first and Harvard 5th for the top business schools of 2020
What is Stanford University best known for ?
The most popular majors at Stanford University include: Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
Can I study in Stanford for free ?
Stanford is now free to all students from families who earn less than $125,000 per year. The week before, Stanford University announced that the students who are accepted will not have to pay tuition, which is typically about $46,000 per year
What rank is Stanford University in the world ?
Is Yale or Harvard better ?
Harvard always ranks higher than Yale on The QS World University Rankings year from year. In addition, Harvard is more consistent with regard to its ranking. In its 2020 report, Harvard placed 3rd while Yale is at 17th among the world's top universities (TopUniversities.com, 2020). Actually, Harvard kept its third spot from the year of 2018 to 2020, at which point Yale fell between 15th and 16th 2019 and 2018
What GPA is required for Stanford ?
To stand the best chance of being accepted the top schools, you should strive for the 75th percentile. You should have an average of 1550 on the SAT or an ACT score of 35. Also, you should be able to show at least a 3.96 GPA or better. In the event that your GPA is less than this, you will need to make up the difference with more SAT/ACT scores
Can I go to Stanford after 12th ?
How to be accepted admitted to Stanford (after the 12th grade) as an undergraduate. The process of getting admitted to Stanford isn't easy, and there's no specific guidelines that one can follow to ensure acceptance into an elite or ivy league college such as this. There is nothing certain when it comes to elite and ivy league colleges
How do you get a 100% scholarship at Stanford ?
You're eligible if you completed an undergraduate (bachelor's or your first) qualification in 2012 or earlier. If you're at college and working towards your first or second degree, you're qualified to apply for admission as long as you finish your first/bachelor's level degree prior to when you are accepted as an advanced students at Stanford.
How many Indian students are in Stanford University ?
All subjects of studies, there are around 500 Indian students studying at Stanford every year, studying in all seven colleges on campus. (This is not including the many Indian-American students who were born from America.) United States.)
What SAT score is required for Stanford ?
Stanford SAT score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)There's no definitive SAT prerequisite at Stanford however they do would like to see at minimum 1440 points to stand the chance of being considered
What Is Stanford University Rankings 2022 ?
  • #2 among the US universities, 2022 by QS World University Rankings.
  • #2 in Graduate Employability Ranking 2022, by QS Global World Rankings.
  • #3 in QS Global World University Rankings, 2022.
  • #2 in US College Rankings, 2022 by Times Higher Education.
  • #4 in World University Rankings, 2022 by Times Higher Education.
  • #6 in National Universities, 2022 by U.S. News and World Report.
How to apply Stanford University ?

Application Portal: Students can apply through the school portal, Common Application or Coalition Application
Application Fee:

Ranking Agency Global Ranking 2022
QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings #3
Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings #4
U.S. News National Rankings 2022 #6
CWUR World University Rankings 2021-2022 #3
ARWU World University Ranking 2021 (latest) #2
Undergraduate Application Fee 90 USD (~6,775 INR)
Graduate Application Fee 125 USD (~9,410 INR)
What is the Acceptance Rate in Stanford University ?
Stanford university acceptancvwe ratres is 5.2%
Can you take online courses at Stanford ?
Learn more about the world and discover your full potential through Stanford Online. You can learn anywhere and anytime as you take advantage of a variety of possibilities including online classes for free as well as professional education and credits-bearing programs and degrees
How much tution fees of stanford university ?
In-state Out-State
Tuition $50,703 $50,703
Fees $651 $651

As for the students looking to enroll in postgraduate programs at SU, the tuition and fees they are charged add up to $53,151 per year. This sum includes their graduate tuition of $52,479 and the graduation fees of $672 as well.

Is Stanford good for international students ?
In general, Stanford is among the best schools for students outside of the United States. They rank 13th out of 1,232 for our overall top U.S. Colleges & Universities for International Students
What degrees do Stanford University offer ?
Stanford provides three undergraduate degrees that include Bachelor of Arts as well as Master of Sciences and Bachelor of Arts and Sciences. Each of them is designed to create a the balance between the depth of knowledge gained through specialization as well as the broad knowledge acquired by exploration
What programs is Stanford known for ?
The student-faculty ratio of Stanford University is 5:1, and the school offers 68.6 percent of its classes having less then 20 pupils. The most popular majors at Stanford University include: Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; and Engineering. The typical retention rate of freshman which is a measure of satisfaction among students is 96%.