Royal Holloway University of London

Royal Holloway University of London History

Bedford College in London first opened its doors in 1849, and the majestic Royal Holloway College foundation building, which was inaugurated by Queen Victoria in 1886, is now the campus's main point.

The colleges became part of the University of London in 1900, and in 1985, they combined to become Royal Holloway.

Royal Holloway University of London Education

The University of London's Royal Holloway is a community of inspirational people.

We seek to advance knowledge and encourage others to do that by sharing it as a research-focused institution working inside the sciences, arts, business, and social sciences.

We help you thrive intellectually, socially, and personally via world-class research that expands the mind and improves lives, the passion of their professors, and the spirit of the Royal Holloway experience.

Royal Holloway University of London  Research

Their research aids in the solving of real-world issues, the development of innovative solutions to complicated problems, and the illumination of the world we live in.

We are home to some of the world's greatest minds — academics working alongside companies, government agencies, and charities to better comprehend environmental change, identify illness remedies, and alleviate poverty.

Their work has the greatest influence when it comes to generating new knowledge and insight. Royal Holloway University's recent research has resulted in:

  • Duchenne muscular dystrophy is being treated using a novel gene therapy.
  • Ways to gather and use eyewitness testimony that are more effective and efficient
  • Drought-resistant agricultural treatments are improving food security.

Royal Holloway University of London Rankings

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QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities



The QS World University Rankings is among the most prestigious international rankings that assesses university popularity and performance throughout the world. They assess a university's repute based on the opinions of higher education experts, corporations that hire graduates, and the quality of its teaching. The amount of foreign professors and students at institutions, as well as the time researchers refer to research articles, are all factors considered by QS. QS rates institutions based on these factors after evaluating the relative them.

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Royal Holloway University of London Services

Student Service

The Student Services Center serves as a centralized point of contact for all enquiries and services. They are committed to responding to inquiries in a sensitive, fair, and timely manner; if they do not have an answer, they will collaborate to you and their university colleagues to find the best solution.

Housing Service

Graduation ceremony

You will join your fellow students, make friends, and get a taste of university life in the hall. From the historical Founders Buildings to their newest property, the George Eliot Townhouse, there are a variety of amenities to accommodate a variety of interests and budgets.

Hall for postgraduates

Living in the hall will keep you linked to the larger campus community while also allowing you to establish friends with students of similar academic levels.

Library service

In print and digital formats, they have approximately 450,000 volumes and 36,000 periodicals in their huge library.

They have numerous rare and important objects, archive works, internal publications, and large databases in addition to their core collection. Students and faculty have access to their digital resources from any location and on any device.

ICT Service

CampusNet, the residential and campus-wide network of Royal Holloway, is available both wired and wirelessly.

CampusNet plug-in connections can also be found in resident halls, computer laboratories, and libraries. Connect your device to the Ethernet port on the wall in your room via a network (Ethernet) cable. Then, as described in 'Joining a network,' open your web browser.

Medical Service

What happens if you become sick while at Royal Holloway? Find out if you are eligible for free healthcare in the United Kingdom.

  • You and your family will be eligible for most care under the National Health Service but if you're a member of a European Economic Area (EEA) nation (NHS).
  • You must pay the Immigration Health Surcharge if you are a citizen of a non-EEA (European Economic Area) nation and have been studying in the UK for more than six months (IHS).

Royal Holloway University of London Student Life

Campus Life

They boast a one-of-a-kind best-of-both-worlds location: a safe, green campus in Egham, Surrey, approximately 40 minutes by train from downtown London and 7 miles from Heathrow Airport, which fosters a close-knit community.

With multiple teaching and study rooms, bars and cafés, high-quality housing, and sports facilities, their campus is among the most beautiful in the world. All of this is located amid 135 acres of beautiful parks.

Apart from Kingswood Hall, most teaching and social events take place on campus, and this is where majority graduates reside their first year. It's a welcoming environment with a strong sense of belonging, as new students quickly become familiar faces.

Sports Facilities

The main campus's sports facility is the epicenter of athletic activity. It has a multi-use sports hall, a 46-station exercise suite, an aerobics section, and changing facilities that were renovated in 2013. Personal training and exercise classes are available.

Their world-class, floodlit outside fields and court with all-weather play surfaces were recently unveiled.

Student Club

Their student union has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best in the United Kingdom.

It features everything from top musicians and comedians to cabaret, film evenings, socials, and even genuine reindeer visits during the holidays.

The student union also hosts a weekend market where you can purchase books, clothes, and plants, as well as delectable artisan bread and other delicacies. Don't skip the puppy therapy session if you enjoy dogs!

An independent mentorship center, the popular Tommy's Kitchen burger bar, two stores, and three pubs are among the student union's other amenities.

Royal Holloway, University of London Placements

Royal Holloway University in London has created a micro-placement initiative that provides a limited number of work experience opportunities to students interested in studying mathematics. From June through September, this plan is accessible. Furthermore, 92 percent of graduates work for well-known companies such as Google, Xerox, Capita, Siemens, and others.

Some of the high-paying occupations available to Royal Holloway graduates and alumni are listed below:



Average Salary in GBP

Executive Management & Change


Financial Services


IT & Software Development


Consulting, Accounting & Professional Services


Finance Control & Strategy


Sales & Business Development


The Royal Holloway University of London is regarded as one of the greatest and most prestigious universities in the world. Royal Holloway, University of London does have a long and illustrious history of providing great education to students from all over the world. The institution's 95000 graduates show that it has made a substantial contribution to academia today.

Royal Holloway, University of London Alumni

The institution has generated nearly 95,000 alumni who have succeeded in various fields throughout the course of 172 years. The following is a list of noteworthy Royal Holloway University of London alumni:

  • George Elliot is a poet, writer, and journalist from England.
  • Mark Strong is an actor from the United Kingdom.
  • Co-Founder of Comic Relief, Emma Freud OBE
  • KT Tunstall is a Scottish musician and singer-songwriter.
  • British actor, writer, comedian, and television host Lenny Henry CBE.

Aside from the aforementioned graduates, the university has a long list of prominent alumni, and the list is continually growing.

Frequently asked questions

What is Royal Holloway known for ?

Royal Holloway has an international reputation for high-quality science, arts, and humanities education and research. The institution was officially established by Queen Victoria in 1886 and is known for its founder structure, which is one of the most stunning university buildings in the world.

Is Royal Holloway prestigious ?

Royal Holloway is one of the country's most international universities, ranked 29th in the UK in terms of worldwide viewpoint (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022). You may become a multi-talented professional with a reputable qualification thanks to the diversified and encouraging atmosphere.

What is the status of Royal Holloway University of London in the COVID era ?

Face masks and face shields are necessary for all students and staff personnel. Furthermore, the institution intends to open the campus to students and faculty by September, since the government will remove all legal limitations on July 19, 2021.

My exams got cancelled. Can I apply for a program in Royal Holloway University of London ?

Many institutions aim to grade candidates based on internal evaluation, so A-Level applicants should not be concerned. If it is not the case, the application will be evaluated based on the grade available at the time and the words of the reference source.

Can I change the course after the start of semester at Royal Holloway University of London ?

Candidates who wish to make modifications to the curriculum can apply. Even though the semester has already begun, the University will evaluate the application provided the applicant also fits the course's entrance requirements.

Is Royal Holloway University of London a good university ?

The Royal Holloway University of London is unquestionably one of the top universities in the world, providing outstanding and quality education as well as a wonderful ambience, exceptional isfresh, scholarships, placement opportunities, and a large alumni community. Many prominent ranking organisations have placed the university at the top of their lists.

What is meant by the “Work while study” program of Royal Holloway University of London ?

Royal Holloway University in London allows students to work and get experience while studying. Candidates are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week for combined paid and unpaid employment, according to the guidelines.

What GPA do you need to get into Royal Holloway ?

You will be considered for admission to the Royal Holloway Master's degree programme if you have a bachelor's degree in an applicable topic with high grades/GPA and from a renowned university. The specific criteria may vary by degree, however most departments will demand a GPA of 2.8 to 3.2/4.0.

Is Royal Holloway a good university for psychology ?

The Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway is one of the best-equipped psychology departments in the UK, with innovative equipment available to both postgraduates and undergraduates.

What is The Ranking of Royal Holloway University of London ?
Rank by Rank Year
QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities 334 2022
World University Rankings by Times Higher Education 351 2022