Oregon State University

Oregon State University is an international university for public research. It draws students from more than 100 countries and all 50 states. We take on whatever challenges we face, challenge ourselves to the limit of what is known, and then keep going. We are determined to find solutions. We are open-minded and diverse. We accept our responsibility to Oregon, the world, and work together to create a better, brighter, more prosperous, and more just future. We see the possibilities and have been working tirelessly for 150 years to make them a reality.

Oregon State University, an international public research university, is located in Corvallis (Oregon), USA. It is Oregon's biggest university. The Carnegie Foundation designated Oregon State University, a university that engages with the community, as a "Community Engagement University". The Carnegie Foundation also designated the university as a doctoral school with status, which means it is a university that has performed the highest level of research activity. This university is one of three U.S. institutions that has been awarded the titles of space-grant, sea-grant and sun-grant. In 1865, the school began offering college-level courses. The university was founded as Corvallis College in 1868. Later, the school was granted permission to offer Bachelor of Science, Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees.

In 1870, the first graduating class was formed. It awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree. It began offering an agricultural course in 1873. This university began to award Doctor of Philosophy degrees in 1935. In 1961, the university was renamed Oregon State University. The university offers over 200 undergraduate degree programs and a wide range of doctoral and graduate degrees. This university is the state's largest.

The university includes two campuses and 11 colleges. It also has 12 experiment stations and extension programs in all 36 county. The main campus covers an area of 400 acre. Oregon State University Ecampus offers more than 70 degrees and programs, as well as over 1,300 classes online. This university has the following schools and colleges: College of Agricultural Sciences; College of Business; College of Eart and Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences; College of Education; College of Engineering and Forestry; Graduate School. University of Honors College, College of Liberal Arts and College of Pharmacy. College of Science and College of Veterinary Medicine. College of Public Health and Human Sciences. College of Science and College of Science.

The university also has a large number of alliances as well as partnerships to international institutions such as James Cook University in Australia and the University of Forestry, Bulgaria, Lincoln University, New Zealand, and India’s Gokula Education Foundation, founded by M. S. Ramaiah, an Indian industrialist. Lonnie B. is one of many cultural centers at Oregon State University.

The Harris Black Cultural Center, Native American Longhouse and Asian & Pacific Cultural Center are all part of the Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez. Many prominent members of this university's faculty include George Poinar, Jr., an entomology Professor whose work extracting DNA from insects fossilized within amber was used to inspire the film Jurassic Park, Ernest H. Wiegand, the inventor of the modern Maraschino cherry.

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