Great Loss of My Life

I had a great loss on 15th March 2021; I lost my father MR. Babla Burman. Nothing can be much disheartened for me to be broken hearted after this. A few days back he lost his younger brother due to an accident at his workplace and he was not feeling good with the same.

The moment when I was participating in funeral ceremony of my uncle, I was asked to wear the white Kaacha since he did not have any son. He had two daughters and both are older than me. Since, I was asked to wear that I accepted it without any second thought [although I should not have worn it]. I did not think twice that my father is still alive or my wife is pregnant. This particular decision changed my world upside down.

After mukhagni, I went to Haridwar for asthi visarjan, the day when I came back I was little tired and slept a little early. My father was suffering from breathing problem that day but he did not made me realize the same. In the morning of 15th, my wife informed me that dad’s situation is not good and need immediate doctor attention. I ran out of my bed and talked to my father. He was feeling pain since he was not able to breath and whenever going to puke, it was bleeding with the cough. Mother called to my elder sister and we took him to the hospital.

First we went to a nursing home and he prescribed for the inhaler and asked to admit him to SMS as soon as possible. Post that, we went to the chamber doctor but he was not available. Hence we took him to home.

His situation was getting worst after reaching home hence we called my maternal uncle and went to Hospital together. He was a little recovered there, but since he was feeling anxiety hence doctor suggested for him to get admitted.

The moment we admitted my father in the hospital and started the basic treatment he started feeling unconscious and at 06:15 he gave me the last and the tightest hug ever and stopped responding.

Rest in Peace Dad. You will always me my idol and I will try to be like you. The world will remember as a founder of DMJ and you will always be favorite. I LOVE YOU DAD.