Five Countries to Choose for Nursing Degrees

5 Countries to Choose for Nursing Degrees

If you're thinking of taking up a nursing career and are interested in taking classes abroad, there are numerous possibilities. There are many reasons to pursue the international nursing program that include high standards for nursing education, ample assistance and funding of nursing student, a fresh method of nursing education and practice recognized nursing qualifications, the potential for high salaries for nurses who have completed their studies and a lack of nurses within the country.

Entry criteria for abroad nursing studies

In order to be accepted into any nursing program in another country it is necessary to satisfy the university's requirements for entry. While each program and university has its own particular specifications, here's the most likely requirements to be able to study nursing:

To earn the minimum secondary education scores required for the nursing degree (e.g. GPA of 3.0 or greater, or 3 Bs at the A-level, as well as the IB Diploma score of 34) A personal statement that highlights your interest in nursing field. English scores on the test of language proficiency Academic references that are relevant

Always verify the requirements for entry carefully and ensure that you meet the requirements before you submit your application.

Here's a look at five places to think about in nursing school:

1. Study Nursing In The United Kingdom

The nursing degree is the most employed type of education as per the Health Education England's Health Careers website. Nearly 94 percent of nursing graduates land jobs within six months after completing their education. In addition, the UK hosts a variety of top nursing schools.

This means that there are opportunities: taking part of the Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP) permits international students to become registered to become nurses working in the UK. The ONP is available in conjunction with a bachelor's degree or master's degree in nursing and qualifies students for work in the NHS or in the private sector. If you're looking for financial aid, NHS bursaries are available to international students who could also be eligible, based on the situation.

Another reason to consider nursing education in the UK for a chance of working in the country? NHS nurses working from abroad enjoy many advantages, including the highest salaries, flexible working hours, and long-term contracts.

You can pursue an BSc and a BNurs in the undergrad level. These programs last for three years at full-time, and you are able to become an registered nurse after you complete your degree. You may also pursue an MNurs program, which lasts four years long and earns the master's degree.

2. Study Nursing In The USA

Like many other nations like the USA is experiencing a shortage of nurses. This means that nurses from other countries have unparalleled opportunities to study and job.

International students who are interested in nursing careers can choose from a wide range of choices in the US with various degrees. After completing their nursing degree in the US the graduates can choose to return to their home country or continue to stay provided certain requirements are met, which includes getting the Visa Screen Certificate.

As an nurse in the US nurses enjoy a variety of advantages, such as the security of their job, a flexible work hours, and an possibility of continuing education throughout their lives.

Another reason why the US is an ideal location to pursue a nursing degree? Many universities and colleges provide scholarships for nurses from abroad.

You can pursue an associate's degree in nursing (ADN) which could take two years to finish. It is also possible to pursue an undergraduate degree in nursing (BSN) which can take four years. It is also possible to convert an ADN into a bachelor's degree by following the 2-year RN into a BSN program.

3. Study Nursing In The Australia

Australia is an ideal destination for international students and for good reasons: top universities, an excellent infrastructure for education as well as a good quality of life, and the diversity of its population are couple of the factors that contribute to an elite educational experience in Australia. Take into account modern medical facilities, hospitals and technology, and the appeal of Australia is a draw for students from all over the world who want to pursue a degree in nursing.

Students from all over the world are considered to be a welcome addition to Australia In fact, that the government provides over $200 million in international scholarships each year. Furthermore, the advantages of being an nurse in Australia include working visas that permits the movement for your whole family as well as access to all the advantages of Australian workers, as per Nursing Careers Australia.

You can pursue the diploma of nursing which is valid for two years or a three-year bachelor degree in nursing program that lasts for three years. If you choose to study for the diploma, you'll be an enrolled nurse. However, you'll be considered an registered nurse when you pursue the bachelor's degree.

You can also study for master's degree in nursing, typically available in the form of an MSc or MSN. If you're looking to pursue your studies at the highest levels there are many universities that offer PhD nursing degrees. The majority of nurses who study for PhDs do it in part-time for 5 or more years, while working with the intention to become a nurse researcher.

4. Study Nursing In The Norway

Norway's top university system as well as its universities are highly regarded across the globe. Not only are Norway's nursing degrees an example of the excellence of Norway and quality, but a lot of nursing programs are specifically designed for international students who are studying abroad and are thus instructed in English. Although Norway is generally welcoming to foreigners, nurses who want to learn and work in Norway are particularly welcome due to the lack of nurses with qualifications and the need for international talent.

A compelling reason to go to nursing school in Norway? Free tuition at universities, especially for students from abroad.

It is a Bachelor in Nursing program is a full-time program of study that consists of 180 ECTS credits spread over three years. It is split equally between the theoretical and clinical aspects. The course can lead to a Bachelor in Nursing degree and allows to be a general nurse in Norway.

5. Study Nursing In The Russia

Nursing education in Russia "allows international candidates to receive further education and to enter the labour market being an in-demand professional with a wide variety of abilities," according to Study in Russia, the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. You are sure to discover a programme that fits your objectives and needs among the master's, bachelor's, and doctorate degrees available.

Alongside getting practical and theoretical skills and experience nurses in Russia are also able to acquire valuable cross-cultural knowledge that will come in useful wherever they are doing their work.

The nursing programs provided by the top Russian Universities: RUDN and MSMU, those who are part of Project 5-100 are carefully chosen. Participation in the project demonstrates the excellent quality of the training provided by the institution as well as the high level of quality of its graduates. After completing nursing education in Russia graduates earn an undergraduate degree. The program is four years long. It is the shortest medical course that is typically six years.

Future nursing careers

With a degree in nursing, you have a very good chance of going on to become a licenced professional registered nurse and many other nursing careers. You can, however, pursue a variety of nursing positions, such as:

  • Registered nurse
  • Learning disability nurse
  • Care worker
  • Midwife
  • Paramedic
  • Mental health nurse
  • Pediatric nurse

If you are certain of the nursing position you want to pursue after graduation, make sure you select a curriculum that will support your objectives.

Frequently asked questions

Which country is best for study nursing ?

Here is a deeper look at five places to think about for your nursing study.

  • the UK.
  • The US.
  • Australia.
  • Norway.
  • Russia.
Which country is cheapest to study nursing ?

Norway is the least expensive country to study nursing since there are no tuition fees at public colleges. Just a semester fee is required to cover registration and examinations for nursing students in Norway.

Is it good to study nursing abroad ?

Indian students should consider studying BSc nursing overseas in order to gain more practical experience than they would in their own country. For nurses with strong clinical experience and a competitive compensation package, an international MSc in nursing offers several alternatives.

What is the best nursing degree to have ?

For prospective nurses and nursing professionals who desire to work as advanced practice nurses, the MSN is the ideal degree option. professional nurse midwife (CNM) Nurse Anesthetist Certified (CRNA)

Which is better for nurses UK or US ?

In the UK, you may relocate throughout the nation and keep all of your benefits while also enjoying longer vacation time—typically seven weeks—free health care, more job stability, and better training choices. The US pays better.

How much is a nurse paid in USA ?

The median (50th percentile) registered nurse salary in the United States is $77,600, while the average is $82,750. As of May 2021, California is the state with the highest pay for nurses, with RN salaries average $124,000. (according to the BLS). South Dakota, with $60,540, has an average that is $63,460 less than California's.

Which nursing specialty has the happiest nurses ?

Given that occupational health nursing work is often low-stress, it can be one of the most fulfilling nursing careers. The OHN nurse works with staff members who are concerned about their health and generally value the nurse's advice and assistance.

Do nurses get paid more in Australia than UK ?

According to reports, an Australian nurse makes an average income of about $65,000 (or £38,535 GBP). The typical nurse wage in the UK is £25,653 ($43,287 AUD).

How can I go abroad as a nurse ?

How to work as a nurse overseas

  • Acquire a nursing degree.
  • To become a registered nurse, you must pass the NCLEX.
  • gain nursing expertise.
  • Obtain a license.
  • Join a staffing company for travel nurses and submit an application.
Are nurses happy in Australia ?

A fresh investigation on nurses' and midwives' health has been started by the Monash Business School. They discovered that due to their excessive workload, low pay, and risk of burnout, about a third of Australian nurses are considering leaving the field.

Which country takes nurses without IELTS ?

Germany offers nursing jobs without an IELTS. Candidates with the necessary training and experience can find nursing employment in Germany. Every nurse must adhere to specific guidelines in order to immigrate to Germany in order to work and reside there.

Which country pay nurses most ?


Is nursing in UK free ?

The cost of a BSc Nursing program in the UK can range from 14 to 24 lakhs per year. Typically, a course lasts three years.

Which is the cheapest country to study nursing ?

Norway is the least expensive country to study nursing since there are no tuition fees at public colleges. Just a semester fee is required to cover registration and examinations for nursing students in Norway. Sweden, Russia, Hungary, and Australia are some nations having reasonably priced nursing schools.

Where do nurses get paid the most ?

Our ranking of the states with the highest salaries for RNs is headed by California, where nurses get an average salary of $124,000 per year. Following it are Oregon ($98,630) and Hawaii ($106,530).