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190 Research Topics in English Literature

Are you searching for the most suitable topic for your literary research paper or thinking about the best topic for your Literary research article? You're in the right spot. The toughest part of doing research is deciding on the right subject. When you've found an ideal topic, you're in good shape.

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Literature Research Topics

Finding the perfect literature research paper topic could take up a lot of your time. In this section, you'll find some of the most popular Literature research topic ideas.

  • Examine what you think of as the American dream in Literature.
  • What is the relationship between Literature and religion? Are related?
  • Examine the "stream of conscious" literary style.
  • Study the use of artificial languages in literary works.
  • How does mythology get its name in Literature?
  • Does it make sense for the writing to be gendered?
  • Examine the difference between dystopian and utopian Literature.
  • Examine Shakespeare's work. Shakespeare.
  • How do you evaluate feminist Literature? Does it have a foundation?
  • Assess the impact of Shakespeare's work. Of Shakespeare.
  • Can fan fiction be considered an autonomous part of Literature?
  • How can cliches be used to enhance the world of Literature?
  • What is the role of Byronic characters in the Literature described?
  • Discuss the benefits and disadvantages of reading Literature.
  • The work of Literature during WWI
  • Examine the depiction of peace and war by George Orwell.

Interesting Literature Topics

Do you realise how many intriguing literary topics there are? They cover the evolution of Literature and its growth of it to the present day. Finding topics to write about in a literary research paper is difficult, So here are a few other options.

  1. How do you define humour and sarcasm in Literature?
  2. What can Literature be described as a tool for propaganda?
  3. Talk about the madness of Literature.
  4. The impact of literary characters who play pranks on readers.
  5. Examine travel writing in the 20th century.
  6. Examine the characteristics of poetry and storytelling after 1900.
  7. What has changed in the city's lifestyle since 1900?
  8. Examine the role of Literature in contemporary culture.
  9. What are the social issues that are discussed in literary works?
  10. The relationship between psychology and Literature.
  11. A significant influence from European culture on Midwest literature.
  12. The Literature of different countries is diverse of different nations.
  13. The influence of European culture on contemporary Literature.
  14. The influence of feminism on contemporary culture.
  15. Analyze Japanese Literature during the 20th century.

Literature Topics for a Research Paper

In this section, you'll find many literary topics that you could utilize to research. A well-written research essay will aid you in achieving top grades.

  1. What do you think of as the production of culture by Latina writers?
  2. Examine the depiction of Ethics in literary works.
  3. Examine your thoughts on the American dream in the Literature.
  4. Review the famous writings by Ernest Hemingway.
  5. Examine the literary languages that were invented.
  6. What makes "Harry Potter" so wildly popular?
  7. What is the representation of Death depicted in the form of a character in literary works?
  8. The effect of reading on children.
  9. Does there exist a gender-neutral representation in literary works?
  10. Examine the Victorian Literature of the Victorian period.
  11. Define the whole writings by William Shakespeare.
  12. Examine whether fanfiction is independent literary.
  13. What literary figures do you consider to be Byronic?
  14. Irony is a way to express emotion in Literature.
  15. What can Literature do as a tool for propaganda?

Literature Research Paper Topics

In this section of research paper topics, you can connect one event to another. They also draw inspiration from the most famous novels. When considering literary research topics, be aware of your understanding and your interest in the subject.

  1. The connection between Literature and psychology.
  2. What is the process of constructing the social identity of a person?
  3. What can you say about settlement nationhood and nature through North American poetry?
  4. Why is it that place is important to poets?
  5. Examine travel writing from the 20th and 21st centuries.
  6. The role of animals in the Literature for children.
  7. Examine the role of humour in children's books.
  8. Discuss the best children's fiction dating back to 1900.
  9. How does the young adult literature depict disabilities?
  10. How do you read to five-year-olds to help them develop friendships and their imagination?
  11. Review the contemporary novel and the psychology.
  12. Define the inter-disciplinary boundaries of archaeology and English Literature.
  13. Examine the novel of the 19th century and science.
  14. Examine the importance of History in interpreting modern Literature.
  15. How important is philosophy to Literature?

English Literature Research Paper Topics

When it comes to English Literature, the focus is on the way in which classics, novels or books are composed to describe a specific phenomenon. Here are some literary topics to begin with:

  1. Assess the methods of teaching English Literature.
  2. Explore the latest Indian literary works with English translations.
  3. Examine women's writing as well as the review of English Literature.
  4. Examine the influence of the Bible on English Literature. Bible upon English literature.
  5. Examine the influence of the Classics on Literature.
  6. Define the role of English Literature in educating people.
  7. Define the influence of Darwin on Literature.
  8. Explain medieval English Literature.
  9. Study Women Studies and Feminism in India.
  10. Review the brief background of Norton Anthology of the English language.
  11. Review your understanding of the English Renaissance study.
  12. Investigate medieval feminism in middle English Studies.
  13. Examine women's roles within Indian English Literature.
  14. Examine feminism and contemporary Indian Literature.
  15. Examine the development of English in North America.

Topics in Literature

Literature requires complete concentration in order to get to the core of a specific phenomenon.

  1. Discussion of the play by Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, which is based on Male Melodrama.
  2. How has black lives matter influenced Literature written by black writers?
  3. Examine the current refuge literature.
  4. Examine postcolonialism along with climate change in the Literature.
  5. Explore modernity and tradition by using the lens of Tagore Gora.
  6. Examine the relationship between post-independence as well as pre-independence Indian writing.
  7. The importance of the role of African Literature in responding to racism.
  8. The research on homosexuality.
  9. The importance of Literature in the present day.
  10. The growth of feminists in the 20th century.
  11. The impact of fairy tales on perceptions in the contemporary era.
  12. Correlation between post-independence and pre-independence Indian Literature.
  13. Talk about the novel "To Kill A Mockingbird in 1960".
  14. The importance of Shakespeare in the realm of Literature.
  15. How did the art of writing novels begin?
  16. Analyzing the character from Emy as well as Rebecca from Vanity Fair.
  17. The depiction of Vampires in 19th and 21st-century Literature.

Research Topics in English Literature

Within this category, you will find the subjects of comparison to research. They are based on well-known novels and also books written in English.

  1. Study the range of Chaucer's literary genres that are featured in his stories of Canterbury.
  2. The authenticity of historical books when it comes to documenting historical events.
  3. What is the significance of women changed in the twentieth century of the world of Literature?
  4. What impact did Milton's dream disappearance influence the writing that was published in 17th-century England?
  5. What inspired James Joyce and William Burroughs to create their works?
  6. What are our thoughts about our current perspective on 19th-century novels and the general population and similar views the first time they appeared?
  7. Examine the work of less well-known writers.
  8. Discover why adults find Lord of the Rings appealing.
  9. What does the work of Maya Angelou play a role in the African responses to the issue of racism in the world of Literature?
  10. Consciousness is frequently referred to as "unconsciousness" in modern literature.
  11. Examine the representations found in the literary works that are based on Hindu as well as Buddhist beliefs in Modern Literature.
  12. Abortion is depicted in a variety of ways as a subject in British Literature.
  13. Poetry that is based on the faith of style and fashion in Hopkins.
  14. Explore the development of Literature in the 20th century.
  15. Define the nature of writing in the chemical landscape.

Literature Topics for Research Papers

They can be among the top sought-after subjects for literature research. They don't require much effort to write a well-written research paper.

  1. The role of gender in the contemporary literary world.
  2. Important to incorporate animals in children's books.
  3. Examining the conflict that began in the first world war.
  4. The accuracy and precision of History as written in novels dealing with historical incidents?
  5. The differences in the Literature that comes from America in comparison to Great Britain. The US in the United States and Great Britain.
  6. Explore the poetic imagination of the 19th century.
  7. Explore the imaginative images of the 19th century, which were inspired by the scientific study of Astronomy.
  8. What are the possible applications of quantum physics in Literature?
  9. What is your most memorable piece of work written by William Shakespeare?
  10. The masculine female in more recent English Literature.
  11. The difference between modernism and realists.
  12. Analyzing the key elements in First World War poetry.
  13. The study of the significance of fairy tales in literary works.
  14. The impact of Literature in the Renaissance period.
  15. An investigation of the historical roots of the Literature of children's books.

Literary Topics for a Research Paper

Literary topics can be diverse. This makes it challenging to select the most appropriate subject for your research paper.

  1. Discuss the most important work written by Shakespeare.
  2. Determine the gender-based representation in the genre.
  3. Impact of the language on social media on children.
  4. The hardships of an African woman.
  5. Language activities are utilized to teach and learn processes of the English Language.
  6. Study the role played by women in nation-building and the impact their work has in the field of Literature.
  7. Folklore is a crucial aspect in the classroom of Literature.
  8. Drama as well as poetry within the realm of Literature.
  9. Factors that influence the selection of an appropriate language in an internationalized world.
  10. Study of morphological shifts in English.
  11. The study of Achebe, "Things are falling apart".
  12. Proverbs make up a large portion of the literary world.
  13. The impact of political influence on the creation of textual texts in Literature.
  14. Study of the literary language.
  15. The study of threats is a topic in Literature.

Research Topics in Literature

The subjects of the research have their roots in a range of elements that impact society and the entire world. They also study people's emotions and behaviour in various situations.

  1. English Nativization within African literary texts
  2. An examination of the Asian theatre and its influence on modern Literature.
  3. Leadership studies are part of the Literature.
  4. Literature's importance in the world.
  5. Why is it necessary to read books?
  6. Examine the development of Literature, starting from the beginning until the present.
  7. Learn about the methods used to develop styles in the Literature.
  8. Which feminist critiques have you seen of particular Feminist works?
  9. The importance of the genre fiction in the literature field.
  10. The importance of narration as well as emotion in the creation novel in the realm of Literature.
  11. Examine how conflict is portrayed in literary fiction.
  12. What are the consequences of the impact of the different languages on the development of an entire nation?
  13. Learn about the importance of music and revolution.
  14. The impact of language on the growth of the nation.
  15. What is the mode of communication in writing?

Literature Paper Topics

Here are some of the most requested themes for your literature essays which you can use to do your own research. If you are able to narrow down your research topic to the correct topic and find the relevant details are easy.

  1. The difference between linguistics theorists and theories of grammar.
  2. Tenses and tenses pose problems in the Literature.
  3. The analysis of the word's development in the Literature.
  4. Poetry is an integral element of Literature.
  5. The development and growth of modern Literature.
  6. The happiness of individuals and societal standards are discussed in Victorian writing.
  7. The structure of the sentences of English Literature.
  8. Can the spoken language of an individual impact the person's decision to choose another language?
  9. A look at the challenges that arise from studying the language of a different.
  10. The evidence for non-standard usage of English among University Students.
  11. The significance of rituals, dances and music in the world of Literature.
  12. Poetic language and the impact of poetry on language.
  13. What could Literature possibly be presented as means to change the social order?
  14. The syntactic problems that arise from English usage.
  15. The influence of society's influence on the performance of students writing.

Literature Research Paper Topics for College Students

Do you have a child in college looking for the ideal research paper on Literature? Here are some ideas to think about!

  1. Discuss your understanding of the concept of censorship within American Literature.
  2. Study the African-American writer women and the American writers and study their impact on the world.
  3. Architectural imagery in the twentieth century. African American Literature.
  4. What is the fate of characters after they are stale in the literary world?
  5. The different ways of communicating through the written word.
  6. Dialogue is an aspect of American Sign Language in Literature.
  7. What is the manner in which dialects and Death are represented in Literature?
  8. What are the ways that Literature portrays American culture?
  9. What is the method by which self-verification might be found throughout African American Literature?
  10. Generational divisions and their impact on modern Literature.
  11. The creation of excellence is based on tradition.
  12. Explore the current literary world.
  13. What is masculinity? in the realm of Literature?
  14. The effect of the effects on American writing from World War I on American Literature.
  15. Important African American Literature addresses the black experience.

Literature Review Topics Examples

Do you have the ability to conduct an analysis of the Literature in various fields? Check out these subjects and test your knowledge of them subject.

  1. An overview of the studies on rationality and the rational.
  2. A study of the Literature on the development of dependence and dependence.
  3. A review of the Literature regarding the scarcity of resources in our current world.
  4. A brief review of the Literature that concerns pop culture.
  5. An overview of the Literature on Feminist global relationships.
  6. A review of the Literature on the complexity of organizations and their policies.
  7. A brief review of the Literature on censorship as well as television shows.
  8. An overview of the research on global climate change and its impact on humankind.
  9. A review of the Literature about the reasons behind why children's books are so well-known.
  10. An analysis of the Literature regarding how writers decide on how they write.
  11. Artificial language is utilized in Literature.
  12. How education affects Literature per era.
  13. The most formidable villains of Literature.
  14. What are the factors that make Shakespeare a major influencer on modern authors?
  15. The Literature and the propaganda of the present.

Frequently asked questions

What are some good English research topics ?
Abortion, birth control, child abuse, gun regulation, history, climate change, social media, AI, global warming, health, science, and technology are some typical research paper themes.
What are the research topics in literature ?
  1. What roles are women and men depicted in throughout the book? Are they distinct?
  2. How do different genres tell their own story?
  3. Who is "the author," and what is their backstory?
  4. What are the issues in politics this novel attempts to address? Discrimination? Rights? Equality?
  5. What is the significance of this novel in terms of religion? What beliefs is it advocating or rebutting?
Which topic is best for PhD in English literature ?
  1. Examine what you think of as the American dream in the literature.
  2. How do literature and religion have a relationship?
  3. Examine your thoughts on the "stream of consciousness" style of literature.
  4. Study the use of artificial languages in literary works.
  5. How does mythology get its name in literary works?
What are the best literature research topics in 2023 ?
  1. What can you say about the literary genres of sarcasm and irony?
  2. What can literature be described as a means of propagandizing?
  3. Examine the literary madness.
  4. The influence of characters who are tricksters in the world of literature.
  5. Examine travel writing in the 20th century.
What is research in English literature ?
Typically, research entails discovering something new: a material, a formula, or an innovation. As a result, literary study entails discovering something new within a literary work.
Which is the hardest subject for PhD ?
Chemistry, Medicine, Architecture, Physics, Biomedical Science, Law, Neuroscience, Fine Arts, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Economics, Education, Computer Science, and Philosophy are the most difficult degree disciplines. Let's get started and look at why these are the most difficult degree subjects.
What is the best literature topic for students in research ?
  1. What do you think of as the cultural output of Latina writers?
  2. Examine the depiction of Ethics in the literature.
  3. Examine what you think of as the American dream in the literature.
  4. Review the famed writings by Ernest Hemingway.
  5. Explore the languages of literature that have been invented.
How do you choose a thesis for English literature ?
If you are a complicated person with a wide range of interests, you must identify three or four viable topics. Then, gather some information about three of your ideas and select the best one. However, don't forget to review the existing resources and see if there is enough material or if the topic is too vast and broad.
How do I find new research topics ?

Methods for Identifying New Research Topics

  • Seek out colleagues from a variety of disciplines.
  • Take part in related workshops.
  • Reading to learn about new topics and modern technologies.
  • Determine a broad area of interest or ideas you already have.
What is a good literature research title ?
  1. Examine the teaching methods used to teach English literature.
  2. Examine contemporary Indian writing with English translation.
  3. Review women's writers and the study of English literature.
  4. Study the impact of the Bible on English literature. Bible upon English literature.
  5. Assess the influence of Classics on literature.
What is research problem in English literature ?
A research problem is a declaration about an area of concern, a condition that needs to be improved, a challenge that needs to be solved, or a perplexing question that exists in scholarly literature, theory, or practise and indicates the need for meaningful understanding and purposeful exploration.
What is basic research in English ?
Basic research is a research strategy that aims to develop a greater understanding of a subject, phenomena, or natural law. This style of research is more concerned with expanding knowledge than with solving a specific problem.
What are the types of research in English language ?

Students can conduct research in language studies using four different research methodologies:

i) Experimental research,

ii) quasi or pre-experimental research,

iii) ethnography, and

iv) case study.

What is a good thesis for a literature review ?
The overarching emphasis for your literature review, as well as the primary supporting elements identified in the literature, should be included in your thesis statement. Consider the past. Use an introduction, one or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Include summary, analysis, synthesis, and assessment (if appropriate).
What is research paper in literature ?
A research paper, however, is more than the sum of your sources, a collection of various pieces of information about a topic, and a study of the literature in an area. A research paper examines a viewpoint and makes an argument.