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120 Research Paper Topics For History

The study of history is an intriguing and fascinating subject until you need to go through the myriad of literature available for research papers. The fact that one needs to read a large number of books is the reason that many pupils find writing their research papers difficult. The most difficult part is when you must select the topics for your research papers on your own. Given the vastness of history and the many topics to consider, selecting the most appropriate topic can be difficult.

But, even though writing a research paper on history isn't easy, you should view the difficulty as a positive thing. Knowing how to write a history paper is a skill you'll be able to use in the classroom and beyond the school. You might be wondering how writing a paper on history can benefit you in different areas aside from academics. If you compose a historical paper, you acquire important skills like research and critical thinking that will be useful later.

Selecting the right topics for your history research paper is similar to creating a high-quality essay. It is often necessary to do many hours of research and thinking to figure out which topics are the most suitable for you. If you have a research paper to complete but aren't certain of a subject, we've got some ideas to aid you. In the meantime, if you're still struggling to find inspiration isn't happening, we've provided some ideas to write your essay.


Selecting topics for history research papers for college students is a difficult task, especially with the deadline is tight. There is a myriad of topics to discuss for a history essay; however, not every subject is the right one for you. So, what is an excellent history topic, and how can you tell that you're researching the right thing?

This is a crucial question since what you consider to be good research may be totally distinct from the way your professor thinks is one. Many students begin research writing without knowing the criteria that define quality. A research paper about history is considered to be of high quality when:

  • It's not packed with too many details; it's short and concise but also clear, not revealing too much about the content.
  • It's specific and not generic. This allows you to give a thorough and complete essay. If you select an essay that is generic, you'll be unable to give enough information about every aspect. Additionally, you'll have the ability to steer clear of vague arguments, and your essay will be focused on specific events and issues.
  • It is selected after having read the previous papers and literature that contain sources and facts to support the facts.
  • The topic's importance has been considered, and what and how you've considered before making a decision. You know the significance of the topic and how it relates to the period that is being debated and the relevance to today. In addition, you've thought about the context of the report and why the subject was important to the people of the time.


The steps involved in selecting the most appropriate history research paper topics are easy, but they are also technically challenging. Each step is crucial as it determines the degree of difficulty that you'll encounter when you move on to the next. If you are writing a historical essay, first, you must do research. You will only be able to find a suitable topic after conducting thorough research. After you've selected the subject, you'll need to research further on the topic, making sure that you are focused on the subject.

Suppose you'd like your work to be noticed, not choose the common and straightforward subjects. Also, pick a basic historical topic, not one in which you aren't able to provide a worthy presentation. Know the concept that "simple" doesn't mean "easy;" it's meant to be distinct, inspiring, and affluent. It can be a long process, but you can pick a subject and begin the writing process by following these steps.


You'll need to think over at least twenty historical research topics in order for a suitable subject. Keep them in a place where they are easily accessible in the future; you can revisit them to select the most intriguing. You could also look through your lecture notes on history or assignments as well as textbooks.

It is also possible to communicate with your professors and colleagues to brainstorm ideas for a good historical research subject. For instance, if there are textbooks covering the area, you can read the authors and decide if they are experts in the area.


Conduct extensive research on the topics you have chosen to gather sufficient data to prove the essential facts. Make sure you read as numerous research papers and journals that are related to the topic as you can. The more papers you read, the better you'll be able to comprehend the subject and likely be able to avoid plagiarism.

The high quality of each task is always found in the research phase since that's the point where you'll get all the required information needed for a successful job. In this stage, you'll sort through the subject areas you've selected to eliminate those that don't have enough knowledge go.


While you are researching your subject, note the most important aspects and outline your primary and secondary ideas. Also, you'll need to develop your own keyword list that you'll use in your research paper. A list of keywords helps you remain focused on the subject you are examining as well as the topics of your concern. Also, making an outline will help to organize your thoughts and ideas, which makes the writing process much easy. If you've got your outline in place, you are able to connect words, sentences, chapters, paragraphs, and concepts to each other. This way, you'll create a work of research that flows, making it easier for the reader to understand.

Be Flexible

While researching topics that concern you, it's best to be flexible. You should anticipate that you'll need to switch topics several times. If, for instance, you discover that there are not enough facts to support an issue, then be prepared to switch it out for another. Be sure your sources are reliable. You could give your instructor a review to ensure.


As promised, here's the list of the top subjects for a research paper that you could write. We divided the topics into specific categories and made the process easy for you to choose. From US historical topics to contemporary world history, choose the most relevant topics for most of your paper.


  • The roots of the Civil War within the United States of America
  • Which role did women have throughout women's roles during American Revolution?
  • The American Revolution: what are the implications for the rest of the world?
  • Resistance to Assimilation by Native Americans: true or true or
  • Who made money in the Stock Market Crash that occurred in 1929?
  • What could Michael Collins contribute to space exploration?
  • Do The United States benefit from the Bracero Program: how?
  • What do you think Brigham Young contribute to the growth of the West?
  • The Missouri Compromise What are the causes and effects?
  • Black Panthers: what is the core belief behind them?
  • Which role did women fill in their time during the Great Depression?


  • The Red Scare: the causes and the consequences
  • Understanding the motives for the reasons Boston Tea Party
  • How much contribution(s) Did Frederic Douglass make to abolishing slavery?
  • It was the Battle of Bunker Hill: What was the outcome?
  • The level of literacy was high in the Puritan times
  • The role played by the railroads' development during the US Industrial Evolution
  • The Loyalists What did they stand up for?
  • The Great Awakening: establishing its causes and consequences
  • The major factors that contributed to important causes for the United States economic recession in the 1780s.
  • The primary reasons why the presidential reconstruction failed were the main reasons.
  • Knowing who lived and worked in the US in the 17th century.


  • The fire and earthquake that took place in San Francisco in 1906
  • What caused the Great Depression in the 1920s
  • John F. Kennedy Assassination in 1963: the details and implications
  • What was the reason Iraq attacked the United States after 9/11
  • The discovery of oil within Persia around 1908: What happened next?
  • The military contributions made by women during World War II
  • The concept of fast food in the early 1900s.
  • Women of the 20th century vs. women today
  • The origins of the prohibition era in the US and its causes, reasons, and consequences
  • The rise of imperialism in the 19th and early 20th centuries was it justifiable?
  • Martin King's speeches


  • How did sports aid in promoting the equality of African Americans in the 20th century
  • Before 1900: what did gender roles mean within the Sioux tribe? Sioux tribe?
  • The impacts that industrialization has had on American social movements: a critical examination
  • Britain and Spain's Battle of the Sea
  • Social relations throughout medieval Europe and even today
  • Children are affected by Apartheid across South Africa: who suffered more, white or black?
  • Wedding ceremonies are held in Ancient Rome vs. modern-day Rome
  • The Mexican-US war: a pivotal time for American as well as Mexican relations?
  • Factors that have contributed to the Thirty Years' War.
  • Have weapons used in ancient civilizations is it ever been this way?
  • Christopher Columbus's contribution to colonizing South America in 1494


  • Greek theater: back then vs. today
  • The Petrarchan madrigals of the sixteenth century A comprehensive analysis
  • What effects did expressionists have on the art of today?
  • The power in the movement of feminists' contemporary art
  • The development of Paris became a center of artistic expression in the 20th century. factors
  • Printmaking techniques that are utilized in the world's history
  • Prints by Goya and French caricatures of the 18th century, what's the relationship?
  • The rise and development of Cubism in the 20th century's early years A discussion
  • What did the ideas of Jay Hambidge have influenced the development of art?
  • Frank Stella: the contemporary artist and writer
  • Art history, religion, and history


  • Country music: looking at its history and its major features
  • The perception of art as a commodity for the entertainment industry pros and pros and
  • Rational and irrational branches of the 20th century
  • Folk and pop What are the ties between them?
  • Technology's influence on the sounds from the 20th century.
  • Music as a method for expression. The performer's ability to communicate
  • The rock music genre: its aspects and styles
  • Popular songs What are their main characteristics, and what message do they convey?
  • Radio's role in pop songs
  • What was the development of melody Between World War I and World War II?
  • Psychedelic rock: what drugs aid in its creation?


  • The ancient Egyptians believe in immortality as well as death. A pause in the course of life, but not the end of it?
  • Interesting history of Palestine: between both the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea
  • The Trojan horse: is it real?
  • The influence of prophets and other religious leaders on our perception of the world's spiritual
  • The cultural background of Sumerians had an intricate connection with God.
  • The Iron Age: how did it alter the world?
  • The woman's role in prehistoric Britain
  • The British Empire and Power: an in-depth analysis
  • The numerous symbols found in ancient Egypt
  • The Great Wall of China: what was the reason for its construction?
  • Postmodernism the past


  • Thanksgiving's origins: the reason Pilgrims first began to celebrate this holiday in the beginning
  • Examining Britain's rivalry with Spain
  • The aversion of England to poverty and the problem of poverty
  • Joint-stock companies' rise and the people who profit from them?
  • The function of joint-stock companies in the early stages of settlement attempts
  • Jamestown and Plymouth settlements Religion and the government
  • The African-American culture of the past and today
  • The long-term (or immediate) impact that was a result of the American Revolution on society
  • 1783 Royal Proclamation and its effects
  • Nationalists in westward expansion: Americans' justification of their faith in Manifest Destiny
  • The economic crisis that developed during the process of writing the Constitution


  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings Was it needed?
  • What are the policies of the United States policies towards immigrants in the 21st century?
  • Immigration laws in the 20th century, compared to 20th-century laws: have they become more relaxed?
  • The Great American West Adjustment
  • The effect on the railroad underground the civil war
  • The impact on society and the Negro Leagues on baseball and society
  • The Battle of Chancellorsville The battle of Chancellorsville: an examination of its historical context
  • The Mormons' problems How did they conquer these challenges?
  • What role does religion play in the westward expansion?
  • The roles African-American women play in literature and art
  • LGBTQ rights movements, as well as the intersection of the civil rights movement


  • Britain's Royal Family
  • The history of economics in Europe
  • Islam in Europe
  • European political life in the 18th century
  • Fascism
  • Italy, Germany, and Spain's Fascist propaganda during the 20th century
  • Stalin is a powerful participant and head in Stalin: a powerful member of the Bolshevic group RSDP (Russian Social Democratic Party)
  • Hunts and gender prejudice in early modern Europe
  • Eastern Powers: their rise
  • Muslim involvement in European political life
  • The Seven Years' War


  • Black Popular music style
  • expressing race, culture, and identity through music
  • The African American Society: folktales legends, myths, and legends
  • Black intellectuals around the world
  • The women of the black community in the 19th century.
  • Preferences based on race
  • The story of the church of Christ in America
  • The revival of racial liberalism and black power
  • Black schooling and learning evolution within a community
  • Black aesthetics and cognition throughout the world
  • The way black music interprets historical


  • The influence of the journal of Anne Frank
  • The Holocaust is the shaming of millions of people based on their religious and political beliefs
  • The impact of World War II on Africa
  • The Neutrality Acts from the 1930s: the US's neutrality during WWII
  • The effects of World War II on African Americans
  • The Japanese-American Internment and the impact it had on the result during the Second World War
  • Poland Invasion: what triggered World War II?
  • How did World War II impact ordinary people?
  • The most heroic actions of female celebrities during the Second World War
  • What were the roles that black women took on within the military in WWII?
  • World War II and the Rights of African Americans


We've provided you with at least 120 topics in the field of history for your research papers, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, more where they originate. The issue isn't a lack of topics to discuss but which topic to discuss. By using the advice we've shared within this post, you'll be able to pick a fantastic research paper on history. You can also make use of any of the subjects given if you're unsure of what you should write about.

Frequently asked questions

What are good topics to research history about ?
The economics, education, politics, social life, etc. are some examples. You should seek for trustworthy sources while you develop a topic.
What is the best topic for research in 2022 ?

Research paper topics for education

  • How can the use of standardized assessments advance learning?
  • Do those with a college degree earn more money?
  • Should college be less expensive?
  • How will advances in technology affect how we educate in the future?
  • the development of specific teaching techniques for blind youngsters.
  • social media and academics.
What is a research topic ?

The research issue you will address in your work is known as a research topic. Finding a worthwhile study topic might be challenging at the beginning. However, we will give you beneficial resources that can aid you on the journey.

How can I choose my research topic ?

Here are a few advice:

  • Pick a subject that interests you.
  • Limit your discussion to a manageable issue.
  • Review the instructions for choosing a topic for your assignment.
  • To brush up on the material covered in class and the work, consult the lecture notes and needed materials.
  • Discuss potential study topics with a buddy.
What is a research topic examples ?

Abortion, birth control, child abuse, gun regulation, history, climate change, social media, AI, global warming, health, science, and technology are a few examples of popular research paper subjects.

What are research ideas ?

The research concept serves as the researcher's or aspiring researcher's first introduction to the prospect of developing the project's first stages.

What are some good historical topics ?
  • a Civil War.
  • the Cold War
  • a severe depression
  • Holocaust.
  • Science and inventions.
  • American War with Mexico.
  • Environment & Natural Disasters.
  • Red Alert.
What are some examples of historical research ?

Diaries, notebooks, lectures, interviews, letters, memoranda, pictures, films, public opinion surveys, and government documents are just a few examples of primary sources.

What are the 10 parts common research paper ?
Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and References sections are normally included in a comprehensive research paper in APA format that reports on experimental study.
What are 5 good research questions ?

The Best Research Has These Five Questions

  • What issue has to be resolved?
  • Who is affected by this issue and why?
  • How did others act?
  • What is your approach to the issue?
  • How can you prove that your proposed remedy is sound?